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Thursday, August 16, 2007
Previously films have been made on the relationship between Yamadharma Raju and the common man. On the list are Yamagola - in which the late NTR acted, megastar Chiranjeevi's Yamudiki Mogudu and Yamaleela - in which Ali acted. Incidentally in all these films Kaikala Satyanarayana played the role of Yama. In Yamadonga, director SS Rajamouli has attempted a different take on the same subject and has made it a socio fantasy film. In doing so he has employed the services of NTR Jr., Padmashree Mohan Babu, Priyamani and Mamta Mohandas.

A treat for NTR Jr's fans is the stars weight loss that he underwent specially for his role in the movie. He added a new hairstyle to add to this make over. With five of his previous films becoming hits, Rajamouli has dome well and has got himself a double hatrick. In the process, his three last films with NTR Jr. count too count upto a hatrick for his credit (Student No. 1, Simhadri and now Yamadonga).


Mahi (Priyamani) is the daughter of a millionaire Zamindar (Ranganath). Her father passes away and her relatives take advantage of her rich disposition because they then become her legal guardians. They make her a servant in her own house. In this tike of distress, she is desperately on the lookout for someone who will save her from the situation that she is in.

NTR (Raja) is a petty thief who works with an associate Ali. He sells whatever he steals to his associates - a girl (Priyamani). Suddenly Raja loses a huge amount of money because a person who employed his services passes away. Raja finally succumbs to approaching Yamadharma Raju for help. Raja approached Yamadharma while he is in a meeting with devatas. When hearing Raja's plea, he finds himself ridiculed at by the devatas.

In order to teach the thief a lesson, he decides to bring upon him Narakam. But Raja using his clever thievery ways, he steals Yamadharma's Paasam, the rope by which he punishes people. Yamadharma tries to get his Paasam back but to no avail. This causes the downfall of Yamadharma. Even in the elections, all goes in favour of young Yama aka Raja.

What follows is a bitter fight between Raja and Yamadharma during which Raja throws the Paasam back at Yama and hence loses his power. But Yama is unable top prove that Raja has done anything wrong to be punished. So he is forced to send him back to earth with the intention top get him back to Narakam after he commits a sin - on the basis of which he can punish him.

On the contrary, he falls in love with Mahi and becomes the prince Charming that she was waiting for. His love for Mahi erases his sins because he is doing good. After he sees that his plans are failing, Yamadharma comes down in the form of a pretty girl and breaks the strong relationship between Raja and Mahi. Yama then decides to take his life. But while at the steps leading to the temple of Lord Narasimha, he breaks down and begs of Yama to give him half an hour TO SAVE Mahi from her relatives.

Yama refuses him saying that he already took his life and now he cant give it back to him. Since he knows that he is going to die any moment, he decides to anyway try to save Mahi. Finally he finds himself to be able to escape with a locket that has Lord Narasimha's blessing.

Plus Points:

NTR looks handsome especially with new look after losing almost 15 kgs. His body language has changed a lot from his last film. He has danced extremely well and has played the parts of his role that are action oriented with the same ease. Him reprising the role of young Yama reminds one of his grandfather. As a matter of fact, he dances with his grandfather for a few minutes in the film. Director Rajamouli has shot the scenes with the animation to perfection - especially the one in which NTR dances with Venkatesh.

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