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100 Kotlu Review

By Staff
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    100 Kotlu still
    The basic storyline thought by Manjunatha unit is okay, though such films had already appeared on the Telugu screen. But the director deviated from the story for most part of the film, or to say till the interval bang. The film appeared like a comedy show in a television serial sans any meaning. The immaturity of the director could be easily understood by any average film-goer. It is nothing but a sheer waste of money and time as many scenes had nothing to do with the storyline. Music by Vande Mataram Srinivas is very unimpressive but for the one solo song at the heroine's introductory scene.

    Bharat (Baladitya) completes his degree and leaves for city to take part in sub-inspector's selections. However, on his way to city, he finds a group of people killed and also notices there is about Rs 100 crore worth of gold and currency. He immediately calls up the police. Unfortunately, the police officer is a corrupt fellow and he sends some goons in police attire. Realising that they are not real police, Bharat escapes from them in a typical way. Later, he takes away the money and keeps it in a safe place. From then onwards, a chase starts between Bharat and the mafia gang. Bharat takes shelter in one of his friend's room. In fact, among those dead is the brother of a big mafia don (Ashok Kumar), who leaves for Dubai as the Home Minister issues shoot-at-sight orders against all the anti-social elements. Bharat falls in love with a girl, and incidentally, she is the daughter of the corrupt police officer. When the girl asks Bharat to meet her father, he goes to him the next day and tells him that he has Rs 100 crores. In order to take revenge, the mafia don returns to city. Bharat challenges them and tells them to come to Golconda Fort to meet him. The entire gang including the police officer reach the spot. While Bharat is fighting with the mafia gang, the DGP (Krishna) surfaces in a cowboy attire and thrashes the goons in his old style and after few minutes of fight, the police enter the scene and arrest the gang. Then the DGP reveals that he knows Bharat and he himself gives him the assignment to deal with case and bring the culprits to book. The film ends with the union of Bharat and his girlfriend

    PLUS: The entire first half has been devoted to provide comedy in bits and pieces like television serial episodes. The audiences have no other option but to watch those scenes. With stalwart comedians like Brahmanandam, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, Gauthamraju and AVS, the audience can enjoy the scenes as if they are watching a comedy show in a serial. However, the scenes involving Brahmanandam, AVS, Kondavalasa and Gauthamraju are good to watch. Baladitya has tried his best to earn a mass image. But, he should avoid imitating Maheshbabu and other such stars.

    MINUS: The unimpressive narration of story, pathetic screenplay, director's immaturity in linking the scenes, poor cinematography, not very interesting music both in songs and in re-recording — All these factors contribute their share to make the film boring.

    REMARKS: The director, who showed the heroine in traditional dress in her introductory scene, has failed to maintain the same in any other scene in the latter part of the movie. She always appeares in modern dresses. The director does not establish the love between the hero and heroine. Baladitya's character is also not moulded properly. He came to the city for an interview. But he can survive well and at the same time, he mingles with anti-socials (on the lines of Pokiri). The heroine of the film Sairabanu has showed no inhibition to expose wherever necessary. The climax is abrupt and there is a sudden fight which ends in a couple of minutes and the superstar emerges like a bolt from the blue. He appears in just one scene. But the producers have given wide publicity that the character would remain a highlight.

    Cast: Baladitya, Sairabanu, Ashok Kumar, Brahmanandam, Narra Venkateswara Rao, Sridhar, AVS, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, Gauthamraju, Jogi brothers, Vijay and others. Credits: Music – Vandenataram Srinivas, Camera – Thota Ramana, Story and dialogues – Manjunatha Unit, Producers – YK Rao and Kasula Sridhar, Screenplay and direction – Ramana Martial.

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