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Adivishnu - Review

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Dasari Narayana Rao, who has directed more than 200 films in Telugu, and earned a title as 'Darsaka Ratna', was away from the screen for quite some time, after being elected as MP and then a Union Minister. Soon after getting relieved from the Cabinet, Dasari started concentrating again on films. His subject, Aadivaram Aadavallaku Selavu directed by Raja Vannemreddy, went well to become an above average film. In order to promote his son and give him a break, Dasari penned a story, keeping the recent bomb blasts in Hyderabad in view. He tried to show how innocent people turn pawns in the hands of politicians and goons.

Adivishnu (Arunkumar) is the son of a school teacher (Kota Srinivasa Rao) from Palakollu. Adi's father brings him up with discipline and he studies well and becomes a software engineer.

He prepares an anti-virus software chip which is very useful for multi-national companies. Adi joins a multi-national company, which agrees to send him to the US for further research. As he does not have passport, Adi applies for it and the official (Sunil) demands bribe to clear the passport. By that time, the entire state is rocked by kidnaps, murders and other such crimes. Yadagiri (Pradeep Rawat) and his wife Jangamma (Aiswarya) used to rule the mafia kingdom and used to perpetrate all the crimes. Home minister Raghupati used to pamper Yadagiri, and the latter kills Raghupati's mentor (Balaiah) to avoid embarrassment to Raghupati. Incidentally, Anjali (Sneha) took photographs when the murder took place and submits them to police. With the mafia network, Raghupati and Yadagiri finds about the evidence and start chasing Anjali to kill her. Adi comes to her rescue and develops enmity with Yadagiri, as Adi thrashes Yadagiri's brother-in-law (Saleem Panda) who goes into coma. Yadagiri's men catch Adi's friend (Venumadhav) and Adi goes to Yadagiri's house and releases him by thrashing Jangamma. At this juncture, Yadagiri's son Rana, reaches India with huge money and masterminds blasts at various places. Several people die in the twin blasts at Lumbana Park and Gopal Chat areas. Yadagiri manages DGP (Jeeva) and places Adi's portrait in place of Rana. He also manages the lie-detection test. As the case was proved, Adi gets life sentence. Adi's father dies of heart attack after judgment. However, similar blasts occur in Rajasthan, Mumbai and other places and Rana gets caught and confesses that he was behind Hyderabad blasts. So, court relieves Adi from the case. Now it is the turn of Adi to take revenge and he starts eliminating all those who were responsible for the ruining his career and the death of his father. The film ends with the union of Adi and Anjali.

PLUS: Absolutely there are no plus points in the film. The only solace is the heroine Sneha. So far, she has appeared quite traditional in all her films but very recently she too has realised that exposure of glamour is necessary in the tinsel world. Though she appears in modern outfits, she has ensured that it would not expose any part of her body. However, she has tried some masala dance numbers along with Vishnu. Once again, Venumadhav tries to imitate another hero. This time, he has chosen Kamal Hassan instead of Rajanikanth. There are some scenes which are parody to his recent flick Dasavataram, evoking a little smile, but no laughter.

MINUS: The hero himself is a big minus. Though camera is not new to him, he is unable to improve his body language, dialogue modulation, histrionics and others. He continues to remain inflexible in dances. Even in action scenes, he could not show much ease. In the absence of a gripping subject and screenplay, the director has got his hands tied and the narration remains old fashioned. It has become an old fashioned commercial-formula film. Neither are the dialogues instantaneous, nor are the songs melodious and worth listening. Though a senior director like Dasari Narayana Rao penned the story with a strong will to give a break to his son, the story has nothing to offer and has turned out to be just a routine commercial formula movie.

REMARKS: While the hero is awaiting a break, he should first improve his body language. Even after some initial hiccups, he should set himself right. He is unable to deliver the dialogues properly. Even he could not show any ease in dance and flex his muscles properly in action scenes. Once again, Dasari is unable to promote his son with an old-fashioned subject. As a whole, Arunkumar has once again faced disappointment with poor storyline.

Cast: Dasari Arunkumar, Sneha, Suman, Pradeep Rawat, Jeeva, Saleem Panda, Ali, Venumadhav, Satyam Rajesh, Sunil, MS Narayana, Balayya, Geetanjali, Prema, Aiswarya, Surekhavani and others

Credits: Dialogues – P Rajendra Kumar, Story and screenplay – Dasari Narayana Rao, Music – MM Srilekha, Lyrics – Chandrabose, Bhaskarabhatla, Action – Ram-Lakshman, Cinematography – T Surender Reddy, S Arunkumar, Editing – B Krishnamraju, Art – B Venkateswara Rao, Presents – Dasari Padma, Producer – K Ramakrishna Prasad, Direction – Bhart Parepalli.

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Released on: August 21, 2008

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