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      Andamaina Manasulo Review

      By Staff

      Still from Andamaina Manasulo
      RP Patnaik entered the film industry with a strong desire to become a director. However, he settled as music director. Cinematographer-turned-director Teja gave him a break and RP hasn't looked back as music director. He brought several musical hits. He also has an urge to appear on screen and he fulfilled his ambition through 'Seenu, Vasanti, Lakshmi' and proved himself as an artiste. However, his urge to become director was fulfilled after a long gap. He prepared a very good subject with lot of feel and SV Babu came forward to give it a celluloid shape. It is quite true that the story prepared by RP has a very good depth in it. He was able to present the film with the same feel too.

      Tushar (Rajiv) is an orphan and he struggles a lot and admits in a college for post-graduation in MA (sociology). On the day of admission, Tushar meets Sandhya (Ramya). They become good friends. Though Sandhya is open to say that she is in love with Tushar, the latter did not agree to it for some time. At this juncture, Tushar meets a little girl called Bindu (Archana Gupta) studying Class VIII. He helps her in achieving her goal to become a singer. Later, Bindu meets with an accident and Tushar gives her the blood needed. This act makes him near to Bindu's parents (Benarjee and Sana). Once Sandhya goes to her village during vacations but did not return. Then Tushar realises that he too is in love with Sandhya. To his surprise, he comes to know that Sandhya got married to someone else. Unable to forget his love, he falls in depression. However, his professor (Gollapudi Maruti Rao) tells him that love is not the life, but it is a part of life and advises him to concentrate on studies. So, Tushar completes his MA and then submits a thesis for Ph D. The subject is 'A Mother for a Child and a Child for a Mother'. As time goes by Bindu also grows up and her friendship with Tushar also grows with her and turns love. Tushar forgets about marriage as he concentrates on his thesis. At the same time, he helps his friend (Sunil) in running his music and dance school. Sandhya returns to India with her son and husband (Vadde Naveen) and surprisingly she comes straight to Bindu's house as her aunt.

      Sandhya reveals about her love to her husband immediately after marriage and also tells him about her college life. Learning that Tushar is still staying in the campus and visits his house along with her husband. Sandhya tells him to get married but he neither agrees nor rejects. Meanwhile, Sandhya learns that Bindu is in love with him. But, Tushar refuses the offer as he brought her up. When Sandhya and Tushar's friend also suggest her name, Tushar loses his temper and slaps Bindu amid many of her friends. After that Bindu disappears from home and Tushar believes that she is dead and repents for his mistake. However, Sandhya's husband takes Tushar to a place which Tushar really dreamt of. In that place there are mothers who were craving for children's love and the children who eagerly look for mother's care and they together enjoy the life. Tushar comes to know that the village was established by none other than Bindu and realises that she really loved not only Tushar but also his thoughts and implemented the ideas, which he kept in his thesis. The film ends with the union of Tushar and Bindu.


      The story and its movement by debutant director RP Patnaik are superb and he ran the entire film with the help of good screenplay. He chose new faces for his film as he knows that the story needs artistes who had no image at all. Rajiv, though novice had performed excellently. Rather, the director extracted the real talent in him and made him to act to suit the character. Ramya also gave good performance not only as a college girl but also as a homemaker. Archana Gupta is another notable artiste who played well in romantic and sentiment scenes. Vadde Naveen's role was moulded in an exceptional manner. Comedy by Sunil and Lakshmipati is okay. All the songs in the film are quite melodious as the film is from a music director basically. The choreography of songs are also quite sensible.


      Though the story is basically a love subject, it is different from routine. The audiences should feel the film and just can't go for entertainment. Though the director tried to provide entertainment, the feel in the story subdued it. The Telugu audiences do not have such matured brains to enjoy the feel in the film. This would prove a main drawback of the film. Though the film could get a critical acclaim, the commercial viability is doubtful. One had to wait and watch how the family audiences receive the film.


      One has to compliment the producer who came forward to bring out the film as the commercial values in the film were almost nil. No doubt, it is a fantastic film but the success of the film at Box Office is very much doubtful. The film may become a big hit or utter flop and it is the time which could decide the fate of the film. However, the director had achieved a new record by convincing ten music directors to sing a song together, which is really a rare achievement. Those who rendered the song included Raj, Koti, SA Rajkumar, Keeravani, Vandemataram Srinivas, Sri, Ramana Gogula, Devisri Prasad, Chakri, besides the director-cum-music director RP Patnaik. The film unit had applied for an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records as such experiment was not done by anyone in the past. Never before the history of film industry not only in Telugu but also in any other language such a feat was ever done.

      Cast: Rajiv, Ramya, Archana Gupta, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, Sunil, Benarjee, Melkote, Gundu Hanumantha Rao, Jayaprakash Reddy, Sana and others.

      Credits: Dialogues – Kulasekhar, Camera – Santosh Rai Pathaji, Editing – KV Krishna Reddy, Producer – SV Babu, Story, screenplay, music, direction – RP Patnaik

      Banner: SV Productions

      Andamaina Manasulo trailer
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