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    Gita Review

    By Staff
    These days several producers are making films with commercial aspects. Making a film to give a decent message is passion for some others. But Gita is one such film which had good commercial elements and at the same time the film unit tried to pass a message to the society. It is very common these days to lie for each and everything. It will have an adverse impact in the long run.

    Rahul (Rishi) is a person, who wants to earn money easily. At the same time, he has a passion to lead a joyful life. Though he marries a girl called Sandhya (Shriya Jha) after falling in love. He really loves his wife honestly, but at the same time dates with several girls by trapping them with his intelligence.Rahul floats a company called 'Dreams Solutions' saying that he would help others to visualize their dreams and make them come true in their real life. He lures several gullible people and collects lakhs of rupees. He purchases a posh bungalow and spends the money for his personal pleasures.

    On the other side of the story, an unknown killer starts killing people near a telephone booth. Police will not be able to get any clues on the serial killings and could not identify, who is the serial killer. Rahul cheats a person called Rakesh (Chitram Sreenu) promising him to make a film star. Likewise, he promises a politician that he would make him popular first and then help him to become an MLA and a minister and also a chief minister. In the same process, Rahul lures a girl (Hamsa Nandini) by promising her to marry and satiate his lust. Later, he keeps ignoring her. She demands him to marry as she becomes pregnant.

    However, Rahul maintains secrecy and will never call any of his girl friends from his mobile. Instead he uses a PCO (public telephone booth). When the girl continues to pester him, Rahul tries to call her from a PCO but she does not listen to him. When he is getting out of the telephone booth, the telephone rings and an unknown caller starts talking to him. He reveals all the mistakes committed by Rahul and orders him to confess all his cheatings, to which Rahul refuses. In order to frighten him, the caller shoots a person outside the telephone booth, who tries to disturb their conversation. Rahul gets frightened and because of the murder police gather there. As the entire episode being live telecast, both Sandhya and Rahul's girlfriend reach the spot. The unknown caller demands Rahul to confess his mistakes to his wife in full public view.

    At this juncture, the unknown caller reveals his identity and how an innocent girl called Gita died as she could not get justice in the court of law and because of the false evidences and reports by witnesses. He is none other than a public prosecutor (Saikumar) and he says he has given the punishment to the persons who are responsible for the death of Gita, as they gave false statements by taking oath on Gita. As the Bhagavad Gita says, “Whenever there is injustice the God will come down to punish, the Public Prosecutor acts as a weapon in the hands of God and kills them. After this prolonged drama, Rahul confesses all his mistakes. The police try to trace the call and finds a dead person in one apartment and close the file thinking that the serial killer committed suicide. In fact, it is not the killer but Rakesh, who is also responsible for the death of Gita.

    PLUS: Though most part of the film has been shot in the form of a telephonic conversation between the hero and Saikumar, the way of narration is quite interesting. The audiences does not feel bored and the scene is moulded like a thriller with good amount of suspense. The film has good commercial elements and comedy in the first half and the telephone booth episode starts before the interval bang and it continues almost till the end of the film. But for a brief court scene the entire film has been shot near a telephone booth surrounded by apartments. Rishi has shown maturity in performance. He has improved his body language a lot. His character is moulded with a negative touch. Though Saikumar is invisible, almost the entire second half is full his voice. There is not much scope for performance for both the heroines Shriya Jha and Hamsa Nandini. Both of them shook their legs for one song each. Graphics have been extensively used in the first song of the film and another song choreographed on the hero Rishi also has graphics.

    MINUS: Though such kind of thrillers are welcomed in cities, the success of the film in B, C Centres is quite doubtful. Moreover, message-oriented films with no mass masala elements are a 'no… no…' for general public. Music by Sunil Kashyap is just okay, while the camera work and editing is neat. Another major minus point in the film is lack of comedy element. Though in the first half, there is a little comedy, it is completely missing in the second half, There are very less entertainment elements in the entire second half.

    REMARKS: As was said by the director of the film Surya Teja, he prepared a story based on the words of a High Court Judge SK Sinha to scrap amnesty and make capital punishment as final. For certain crimes amnesty is quite injudicious. The director tried his best to hit the bull's eye with his subject. But the absence of entertainment elements may prove costly to the producer.

    Cast: Rishi, Shriya Jha, Hamsanandini, Tamanna, Saikumar, Brahmaji, Nutan Prasad, Hema, Chitram Sreenu, Srinavasa Reddy, Vijay and others

    Credits: Music – Sunil Kashyap, Presents – Dr B Sudhakar Babu, Producers – R Dr Ravikumar Pampana and Dr K Harinath Babu, Story, dialogues, screenplay and direction – Surya Teja.

    Banner: Kanfusion

    Released on: April 10, 2008

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