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Gunde Jhallumandi - Review

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A poor movie from good director

Madan, who penned the story for Aa Naluguru, turned director with Pellaina Kothalo. As a story-writer, he gave a message on the social responsibility. He tried to explain the value of love and marriage through his next film as director. Now, he completely changed his attitude and brought out a different love story. To some extent he was able to bring a smile on the face of Udaykiran, who is in deep depression with consecutive flops, though the film is not that great when compared to the earlier two films from Madan.

Balaraju (Udaykiran) hails from a village. Subba Reddy (Ajay), who completed graduation in the village, wants to become the sarpanch of the gram panchayat and Balaraju challenges that he can't be the sarpanch, as there was a bad remark on his character. But, Balaraju can't contest for the seat as he doesn't possess a degree, as per the ruling adopted by the village-heads. So the entire village advises him to complete his graduation and become a sarpanch.

Just before the tussle between Balaraju and Subba Reddy, the latter attempts to kidnap Neelima (Aditi Sarma) and Balaraju saves her. But both Balaraju and Neelima did not face each other. The only identification for Neelima is a tattoo on the shoulder of Balaraju. After this incident, Balaraju goes to Hyderabad and take up BA course. All the students instead of being sympathetic towards Balaraju try to tease him. But Neelima gives him the moral support and they become good friends.

In fact, Neelima's sister Kalpana elopes with some one after falling in love. To avoid such embarrassment in her life, Neelima creates a lover for herself and calls him Rajesh. She used to tell everyone that Rajesh was her boyfriend. When Balaraju tries to propose to Neelima, she plays the same trick to him too. Likewise Balaraju too creates a fictitious love for himself and tells Neelima that he was in love with another girl.

Meanwhile, a senior tries to tease Neelima and Balaraju thrashes him. At that time, Neelima realises that it was he who saved her from kidnap and loses her heart to him. In order to win his heart, she tells Balaraju that she had differences with Rajesh and decides to forget him. Balaraju too plays the same trick to Neelima that he wanted to keep off his girl friend. Both of them realise that the other created fictitious person.

At this juncture, Subba Reddy comes into the picture and brings in one person called Rajesh and creates differences between Neelima and her family and also between Neelima and Balaraju. But in the climax, Balaraju bashes Subba Reddy and the film ends on a happy note with the union of Balaraju and Neelima.

The first half of the film was completely devoted to the hide and seek game of love between the hero and heroine and is watchable. Udaykiran puts up some weight and is looking handsome in some scenes. He improved his performance and showed good ease in action scenes and songs. Heroine Aditi Sarma had the features of Keerthi Reddy and at times she had the similarities of some other familiar heroines. She is also gave a good performance. Once again Ahuti Prasad played a typical father's role. Keeravani's music is good in parts and a couple of songs are melodious. Dialogues by Madan, especially in the scene where the hero explains the greatness of BA degree course, are very interesting.

Though an efficient director, Madan lost his grip on the story completely. While the hero's aim and target is to complete his graduation and become a sarpanch, he joins the college. But the entire film was woven on the love thread, giving the actual aim of the hero a goby. When the hero could explain about the merits of science and show his intelligence, why he chose the BA course is not known. Moreover, it is absurd to say that he doesn't know English. The name board of the college clearly says engineering college, but the hero joins in BA class, which made the director a laughing stock. Giving big dialogues to a child artiste is also in very bad taste. The scene in the film theatre, where the heroine covers her dupatta to the hero to escape from a known person is also absurd.

The audiences who go to the theatre to watch a film from a director like Madan, would be surprised to watch an atrocious film. The first half is okay as there was a mind game kind of drama on love. But the second half appears completely dragged with no meaningful scene. The climax was also stretched beyond limits and the audiences seen moving impatiently in the seats.

Banner: United Movies
Producer: Paruchuri Sivarama Prasad
Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction: Madan
Cast: Udaykiran, Aditi Sarma, Ajay, Ahuti Prasad, Jayaprakash Reddy, Srinivasa Reddy, Venumadhav, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Surekha Vani, Vidya and Madhumani, Master Rhythm
Music: Keeravani
Lyrics: Sivashakti Datta, Chaitanya Prasad
Cinematographer:Prabhakar Reddy J
Editing: KV Krishna Reddy
Art: Nagendra Prasad
Presents: Paruchuri Kireeti

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