Kasipatnam Choodarababu - Review

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    Inspired by his mentor Vamsi, Maddirala, his protege has brought out a film with a rural backdrop. Kasipatnam Choodarababu has a whole lot of comedians, small time artistes and a lot of commotion all through the film along the lines of Vamsi's film, but the director has not been able to make it very impressive.

    In a small village Kasipatnam there is a miser Kanaka Murthy who has two sons. His elder son (Venumadhav) dreams of going to the US,in spite of no formal education. His younger son Anand (Vijayanand) who is studying in Hyderabad has a crush on Sandhya (Suprena) but has not been able to proclaim it. Kind-hearted he saves a boy who met with an accident with the help of Sandhya. He even borrows money from her by giving his gold chain and slowly their friendship grows. However he is disappointed when he gets to know that her marriage has been fixed by her father (Jayaprakash Reddy), when he proposes to her. Incidentally, the boy is none other than Anand. Kanaka Murthy, the miser, on learning that a US return boy would get more dowry, hides his elder son in one of his buildings and announces that he had gone to US, in the village.

    Later when he comes to know that the village head (Benarjee) of the neighbouring village is ready to offer Rs 50 lakh as dowry for his daughter (Geeta Singh), he breaks the alliance between Anand and Sandhya and opts foe the wealthier deal. But Anand refuses the alliance and strikes a challenge with his father that he would earn Rs 30 lakh in 30 days and give it as dowry to marry Sandhya. In the process, he joins GDM, a multi-level marketing business and makes every villager a member under the pretext that they could earn lakhs by paying Rs 9,999. GDM, like one of the many fake organizations breaks their hopes. But Anand catches hold of the MD (Raghunatha Reddy), brings back Rs 30 lakh to and win the challenge as well as Sandhya.

    No doubt, up to the interval and even a little while after that too the film managed to entertain the audience with some comedy. Debutant hero Vijayanand is a look alike of Navadeep and has also proved that with his performance as well. His body language and histrionics are more or less equal to Navadeep. Hehas given a nice performance in the film, though he needs to improve his body language. Debutant heroine Suprena is good looking and has the glamour and her eyes are quite sharp. She is even daring to expose as well. Tanikella Bharani's character was penned along the lines of several roles played by Kota Srinivasa Rao, especially in Aha Naa Pellanta. Other characters too bear similarities with some characters in Vamsi's films. The director ha almost imitated his mentor Vamsi in film-making right from the beginning to the climax. Once the multi-level marketing point surfaces, the audiences can easily anticipate what is to happen.

    The director loses grip on the subject a little while after the interval. But the part before the climax tests the audiences' patience after the hero's challenge with his father. The item number in the film is a mere waste and is solely for the mass audiences. The movement of the film comes to a grinding halt and is stretched beyond patience levels while the hero tries to win the challenge through multi-level marketing. Placement of songs is also improper for when the film moves at a good pace, the song sequences spoil them. Moreover, Chakri's tunes are not so impressive save for a couple of songs. Three of the songs were choreographed in Malaysia and one at RFC and the producer has spent a good amount of money on the film but to no avail.

    Camera by Jawahar Reddy is the only solace. He has captured the greenery of the Konaseema village atmosphere on the one hand and the beautiful foreign locales on the other in his camera. However, the choreography of songs was not that impressive. Editing by Baswa Paidireddy is okay. Dialogues by writer Mohan are good to an extent. Though the characters and the village atmosphere resemble Vamsi's films, the sharp entertainment provided by Vamsi cannot be reproduced by others, even after working as his assistant for several films.

    Cast: Vijayanand, Suprena, Tanikella Bharani, Venumadhav, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, Jayaprakash Reddy, Krishna Bhagawan, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Benarjee, Surya, Gundu Sudarshan, Sivannarayana, Raghubabu, Jayalalita, Geeta Singh and others

    Credits: Camera – Jawahar Reddy, Editing – Baswa Paidi Reddy, Music – Chakri, Story – Ramesh Cheppala, Dialogues – Writer Mohan, Action – Nandu, Choreography – Krishna Reddy, Nixon, Producer – MSM, Screenplay and direction – Maddirala

    Banner: MSM Venkata Sai Cine Park

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