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Maa Aayana Chanti Pilladu Review

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Maa Aayana Chanti Pilladu
After giving a moderate hit like Tata Birla Madhyalo Laila, Soma Vijaya Prakash and Bekkem Venugopal joined together to remake a successful Tamil entertainer En Purushan Kuzhanthai Madiri, as it would suit the Telugu nativity. Raja Vannemreddy, who is known for bringing out such family entertainers (like Aadivaram Aadavallaku Selavu), was roped in as director and the film was brought out with relatively not so busy artistes like Sivaji and Meera Jasmine, while Sangeetha, who was off from the Telugu screen for quite some time, got an opportunity to make a come back through the movie as the second heroine. Though the film is claimed to be a comedy or melodrama, it has other elements like sentiment and property disputes between stepbrothers.

Bullabbayi (Sivaji) and Veerababu (Subbaraju) are stepbrothers. Bullabbayi's father (Prasadbabu) accidentally helps a woman and has an extra-marital relationship with a woman and helps Veerababu, but the latter goes to court that he too has a share in the ancestral property. In an altercation with Veerababu, his father dies but the case continues to run in the court. On the other hand, Bullabbayi is in deep love with his sister-in-law (maradalu) Rajeswari (Meera Jasmine), who completes her graduation in the nearby city, though Bullabbayi does not have good education. However, Bullabbayi is so nice gentleman that he does not dare to see any girl or woman as he wants to be so pious to marry Rajeswari. Learning this, Rajeswari agrees to marry him. At this juncture, Bullabbayi helps a street dancer Chintamani (Sangeeta) from getting sold to Veerababu only to be a step ahead of him. After releasing Chintamani, he takes her to his outhouse and tells her to leave the place and lead a happy life of her choice. The same night Veerababu's men attack Bullabbayi and after thrashing them, he decides to kill Veerababu in a fit of anger. In a bid to stop his attempt, Chintamani seduces him and in an inebriated condition, he commits an indiscretion. Bullabbayi immediately goes to his uncle and also the father-in-law (Chandramohan) and confesses everything and asks him to stop the marriage, but he refuses to do so as it would affect Rajeswari's life and their family prestige goes down. After marriage, Bullabbayi confesses the same to Rajeswari, who refuses to continue the marital life. After a few days, Rajeswari realises her folly as the innocence of Bullabbayi impresses her. They lead a happy marital life and Rajeswari turns pregnant. Same is the case with Chintamani, who too turns pregnant. On learning this, Veerababu plans to turn the situation to his favour. Bullabbayi has no choice but to look after the pregnant Chintamani. To satisfy her, Bullabbayi takes her to a temple and Rajeswari notices it and again the situation turns to square one. The judgement comes in favour of Bullabbayi and this irks Veerababu. When Chintamani decides to leave the village but comes to know that Veerababu plans to kill Rajeswari's son. In a bid to rescue that boy, Chintamani loses her life. This brings change in Veerababu and he turns a friend to Bullabbayi and the film ends on a happy note.

PLUS: All the lead artistes including Sivaji, Meera Jasmine, Subbaraju and Sangeeta have lived upto the expectations and done complete justice to their respective roles. Sivaji is used to do such roles. (Such kind of roles are the pet of Srikanth sometime ago). He has done complete justice and perfectly showed innocence in his face and body language. His comedy timing while boozing is excellent. Meera Jasmine has done justice to her role as a housewife, who is so caring and sensitive to issues related to her married life. Sangeeta has also done a fine job and her character had a lot of scope for performance. Subbaraju, who played a negative role also fine in his character. Chandramohan, Annapurna and others are okay in their respective roles. Comedy by Venumadhav, Satyam Rajesh and others is adequate. As the story is quite delicate, the entire film mostly depended on the movement. Raja Vannemreddy followed the screenplay of the original strictly. Especially, the climax was quite unimaginative and the director needs to be complimented in this regard. Dialogues by Rajendrakumar are good in parts.

MINUS: The story is being a family melodrama, the director should have taken more precaution in elevating the love and romance between the hero and heroine. The etching of second heroine's character should have been a little more better, though it appears adequate. Despite having good comedy and entertainment values, the film doesn't have mass masala to suit the taste of mass audiences and the director targeted only the family audiences. Moreover, there are not many scenes that could attract the youth or college going children as the hero always wanted to be sincere and innocent. MM Srilekha once again used copy tunes for her songs. One of the songs was the remix of a hit song of yesteryears 'Bavalu Sayya…'. Background score was also not very impressive.

REMARKS:Raja Vannemreddy once again came out with a clean family entertainer, but the commercial success of the film depends on how many families get attracted to the theatre. Unless the film gets good publicity and mouth publicity, the success of the movie is really in limbo.

Cast: Sivaji, Meera Jasmine, Sangeeta, Subbaraju, Venumadhav, Chandramohan, Soma Vijayaprakash, Annapurna, Anuradha, and others.

Credits: Music – Srilekha, Lyrics – Bhaskarabhatla, Dialogues – Rajendrakumar, Editing – Nagireddy, Presenter – Mamidisetti Srinivas, Co-Producer – Prashant, Executive producer – Soma Vijaya Prakash, Producer – Bekkem Venugopal, Screenplay and direction – Raja Vannemreddy

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