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Baladur Review

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Udayshankar had directed Kalisundam Raa a family entertainer for Suresh Productions and that film is completely a family sentimental drama. After a long gap, he again got the opportunity to work under the banner and Ravi Teja also got a chance after a long time to work under the banner as hero. With Ravi Teja as hero, Udayshankar had come out with a nice story which had a right mix of sentiment and action. Paruchuri Brothers, who penned the script, kept Ravi Teja's body language in mind in preparing it and ensured Ravi Teja mark comedy and punch dialogues. Yoga teacher turned heroine Anushka paired up with Ravi Teja once again after Vikramarkudu. Unfortunately, the director chose to expose the belly button and waist of the heroine most of the time reminding Khatarnak of Ravi Teja. It is unclear whether the hero is insisting such scenes or the directors are trying to exploit the youth and mass audiences by forcing the heroines to do such menial job.

Ramakrishna (Krishna) and Purushottam (Chandramohan) are brothers. Purushottam's wife dies when Chanti (Raviteja) is a child. He decides to devote his time to serve his brother and Ramakrishna too takes care of Chanti. Ramakrishna pampers Chanti every time, while Purushottam keeps chiding him. Chanti too moves irresponsibly without doing any constructive work. Ramakrishna and Purushottam run a real estate business in the name of RK Builders. Pasupathy (Pradeep Rawat), who gets humiliated in the hands of Ramakrishna in their village, bores grudge against him but could not do anything. One day, Ramakrishna and his family goes to their native village and Pasupathy's brother challenges Ramakrishna and Chanti teaches him a lesson. In the same village, Chanti comes across Bhanumati (Anushka) who loses her heart to Chanti. Later, Ramakrishna buys a vast land and plans to construct a colony for his employees and also for the middle class families at a cheaper rate. This causes heartburn to Pasupathy. At this juncture, Ramakrishna's second daughter-in-law faces some problem with Pasupathy's son and Chanti teaches him a lesson. This irks Pasupathy and his brother-in-law attacks Ramakrishna at his house and Chanti, who has high respect towards his paternal uncle thrashes him severely. The same day, Ramakrishna's daughter is supposed to be engaged with a boy and the alliance breaks with the attack and counter-attack at Ramakrishna's house. This forces Purushottam to neck out Chanti. After a few days, Purushottam too dies with heart attack. Later, Pasupathy calls some goons from Bihar to blast one of the buildings under construction and to prevent Ramakrishna's arrest, Chanti admits that he keeps a bomb in the building. Accidentally, Chanti learns that really the building is collapsed due to a blast and Chanti investigates the issue and attacks Pasupathy and the film ends on a happy note with Ramakrishna learning that Chanti is responsible for many good incidents that occurred in his house in the course of time.

PLUS: The film has a mix of sentiment and action scenes. But the director has failed to match them properly, especially in the second half. However, the audiences could enjoy the film as the film had Ravi Teja mark comedy. Ravi Teja is at his usual best in the role. For him, there is no need to work hard for the film as it is just a tailor made role for him. Anushka has been used only to fill the glamour slot and has no big role to play. Krishna's performance is another highlight of the film. He appeared manly and is at his best in a character actor's role. Especially, there is a huge applause in the climax, when the Super Star takes part in a fighting. Chandramohan, Sumitra and others have done justice to their roles. Comedy by Sunil, Brahmanandam and Sumam Setty is okay.

MINUS: Music in the film is a big minus for the flick. But for a couple of songs, none of the songs are worth listening and their choreography is also not that appealing. The choreographers chose to expose the belly button of the heroine and the waist in composing the dances. Exposure of the glamour has become the main point in the picturisation of songs. Most of the songs give the audiences a chance to go out for a break. Movement of the story is also full of ebbs and tides. While the film moves at a good speed for some time and it drops appallingly low in certain times. The audiences could not understand, why and how certain things happen. Likewise, the director has failed to establish the enmity between the two lead characters properly, as it is beyond professional rivalry. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh should have been a little more sharper. The abrupt end of Chandramohan character, the sudden change in Ahuti Prasad's character, the thrashing of a big cloth shop owner without any hassles and other such scenes were quite embarrassing.

REMARKS: The story has nothing novel and it was a rehash of two, three films which already came on the silver screen. As is stated a little earlier, the subject is totally scripted keeping Ravi Teja's body language in view and it is nothing but a tailor-made story for Ravi Teja. Udayshankar who gave a big hit for Suresh Productions banner, has failed to reach those expectations. However, the film would definitely attract the 'B', 'C' centre audiences, as it has interesting fights and Anushka's glamour. The success of the film depends on how the youth and mass audiences attract to the film.

Cast: Ravi Teja, Anushka, Krishna, Chandramohan, Sunil, LB Sriram, Pradeep Rawat, Subbaraju, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Ahuti Prasad, Sivaprasad, Sameer, Raja Ravindra, Suman Shetty, Mallikarjuna Rao, Raviprakash, Gundu Hanumanta Rao, Kadambari Kiran, Tirupati Prakash, Sumitra, Bhargavi and others

Credits: Story – Lakshmi Bhoopal, Dialogues – Paruchuri Brothers, Music – KM Radhakrishnan, Camera – B Balamurugan, Editing – Marthand K Venkatesh, Presents – Dr D Ramanaidu, Producer – D Suresh Babu, Screenplay and direction – Udayshankar.

Banner: Suresh Productions

Released on: August 14, 2008

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