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      Rainbow Review

      By Super Admin

      VN Aditya has shot into fame with his debut film Manasanta Nuvve. After a dud like Sriram, again he recouped with Nenunnanu to some extent. However, he doesn't have any successes to his credit. With no opportunities coming in, he himself turned producer and directed Rainbow in association with some of his friends. He faced many troubles to complete the film and also suffered many problems in getting his film released. Despite good experience in the direction department, he is unable to run the story on a steady note. With not so experienced hero and debutant heroine, he is unable to please the audiences of any class.

      Shyam (Rahul of Happy Days-fame) is an orphan. He stays in a colony with many kind-hearted people around him, who include Maruthi Rao (Gollapudi Maruthi Rao) and his son-in-law Srihari (Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao). Kamala (Sindhu Menon) is the daughter of Srihari. Though she is cute in looks, she is a dumb girl. Shyam works as a painter in Berger company and its creative head is Subrahmanyam (Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam). Once Shyam paints a picture and accidentally, his dream girl appears just in front of him. She is Swapna (Sonali Chauhan), daughter of Deekshitulu, a noted stage artiste. She stays with her uncle Narayana (MS Narayana) with an aim to become a heroine in films. Shyam helps her in many ways by getting her photographed by Sunil Bachchan (Sunil) for the portfolio and getting her trained in acting and dance under Siva Reddy (Siva Reddy). Once, a producer gives her an opportunity but tries to take advantage on her. In the process, Shyam gets badly hurt as the producer dashes him with his vehicle. As a result, Shyam turns colour blind. He could not identify any colour and everything would be black and white for him. But the love towards Swapna makes him to look her alone in pink. With the same love in heart, he paints her face on a hoarding near Annapurna Studios. This makes her gets into the eyes of a top director like SS Rajamouli, who gives her an opportunity in his film. When Swapna is about to leave for New Zealand for shooting, Shyam goes to her and proposes. But she refuses saying that she has no such feeling and her concentration is totally on her career. Depressed with this, Shyam becomes moody thereafter. Kamala, who helps him at every possible opportunity, proposes to Shyam, but learns that the latter has Swapna in his heart. She attempts suicide over her failure to love Shyam. This forces Shyam to marry Kamala. At this juncture, Siva Reddy reveals that Shyam has fallen in deep depression and has become colour blind because of her. Now Swapna repents and makes an attempt to return to Shyam. But it is too late and Shyam already ties the knot to Kamala. The film ends there.

      PLUS: There are not many plus points to talk about in the film but for the storyline. The storyline chosen by director VN Aditya for his debut production is okay. Of course, a hero trying to help the heroine achieve something is not new to the audiences and Aditya's own film Nenunnanu has a similar theme. However, this time, the same feel has been woven with a different thread. Despite different from routine love subject, the director is not able to present it well on the screen. Comedy by Sunil, Siva Reddy, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam is okay to some extent. As far as performance, Rahul is just okay in the role and his performance is not so impressive. Likewise, the heroine is also good and cute in looks but nil in performance. Sindhu Menon, who plays the role of a sound box in her last movie Chandamama, this time played the role of a mute girl and is okay in that character. Music by Nihal has some freshness in it and a majority of songs are good to listen. When it comes to picturisation, only a couple of songs are impressive.

      MINUS: The movement of the story is a basic minus point in the movie. Despite a fresh feel in the story, the selection of artistes is poor. Rahul though tries his best to perform, fails to deliver the good. He needs to improve his performance, acting capabilities besides body language. In many scenes, the lip movement of the hero did not synchronise with the sound. Though the director tried to say through the film that the Telugu film industry needs a Telugu heroine, who can speak Telugu fluently, ignored to take a Telugu girl as heroine, who can dub voice on her own. Though there are a number of comedians in the movie, neither the director nor the writers could pen gripping comedy track for anyone. Even the comedy track penned for Master Bharat and Sunil is painful and fails to tickle the funny bone.

      REMARKS: The director has made some of the senior directors to make guest appearance in his film only to please the audiences. But the trick is failed to work. In the absence of noted faces in the lead cast, poor running of the story, not so great movement of story, make the film an utter failure. The film will not attract either the youth or the family audiences. In the absence of mass masala, the film will not expect any audiences in B, C centres as well. Though VN Aditya's debut film was a hit, it was because of the greatness of screenplay of MS Raju. But this time, Paruchuri brothers have not put their heart in penning a nice screenplay, which results in bland movement of the entire film. The first half is slow and it is picked up the momentum in the second half. But the climax is too poor.

      Cast: Rahul, Sonali Chauhan, Sindhu Menon, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Prakash Raj, Mallikarjuna Rao, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Sunil, Sivareddy, M.S. Narayana, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, Kadambari Kiran, Pavala Shyamala, Master Bharat, Master Arman, Master Akash and others.

      Credits: Story - Balabhadrapatruni Ramani, Dialogues and screenplay - Paruchuri Brothers, Cinematography - Santosh Srinivas, Art - Anand Sai, Choreography - Suchitra Chandrabose, Music - Nihal, Lyrics: Vanamali, Baladitya, Jillella Varaprasad, Anuradha, Sahiti, Fights - Vijay, Editing - MR Varma, Producer and direction: V.N. Aditya

      Banner: Sree Siddharth Movies&Bharath Art Pictures

      Released on: October 2, 2008

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