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Nachavule - Review

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Different teenage love story

Ushakiron Movies is known for bringing excellent subjects on the screen. Producer Ramoji Rao had touched several aspects in producing the films including action, family and message-oriented subjects, besides some love stories. Likewise, Ravibabu is known for directing novel subjects. He had his own typical style of moulding the scenes, with a different taking and special treatment. Instead of keeping a separate comedy track, he makes the audiences to laugh instantaneously by creating certain scenes and typical situations. The combination of this successful producer and director brought out a different love story on the screen, which came the 81st film on Ushakiron Movies' banner. As the story demanded, the director chose all new faces for the film.

Lava Kumar is the son of a middle-class man. His birth itself is a speciality his father hails from north Andhra while his mother is from north India. Lav's father always grumbles for everything. He is quite strict and appears very impatient. However, his mother is very kind and gentle. Once Lav's father gets a verbal thrashing for his son's act and he stops talking with Lav from then onwards. Lav gets a brother when he was eight-year-old. The latter has a penchant to steal small articles and sell it away for chocolates and ice creams. Lav grows up and completes his Intermediate.

Like many teenage boys Lav also wants to move with girl friends and he makes trials from 9 am to 7 pm but could not catch the eye of any girl. He then decides not to follow many girls and instead concentrate on one girl. With the help of his friend Sreenu, he manages to get in touch with a girl called Anu. Though Anu does not care Lav in the beginning, he helps her by saving her father when he suffers a stroke. After getting acquaintance, he pleads with her to be his girl friend. On condition that Lav should not touch, embrace or kiss her, she agrees to be his girl friend for just 10 days. Being a disciplined girl, Anu invites Lav to her house, only to let her father know where she is going and with whom. However, Lav is quite innocent and his idea is only to show others that he too had a girlfriend. This innocence makes Anu herself to cross the limits and breaks the conditions.

On one occasion, Lav shoots Anu with his mobile phone when she was angry and accidentally, Anu kisses him and he shoots it with his mobile unknowingly. She changes his style and makes him very attractive. So every girl starts liking Lav and he continues to date with everyone and move freely. Incidentally, Anu falls in love with Lav, but the latter has no such idea. After the purpose is served, Lav starts ignoring Anu. Lav's brother steals the mobile and sells it off to a mobile shop. Noticing the kissing scene in the mobile, the shop owner passes it to his friend's mobile through MMS. Like this, all the mobiles which have the MMS facility gets the video. This embarrasses Anu and her father. The same video boomerangs and all the girls who moved freely with Lav start refusing him.

At this juncture, Lav's mother falls sick. Then Lav's father realises his folly and changes his attitude. However, she dies of illness. Lav starts repenting but it is of no use. When Anu and her father decide to leave the city. A youth, who is after Anu for quite sometime, bores grudge against Lav and stabs him. He also threatens to kill Anu. Lav wants to save her despite he is nearing to death. Anu believes that Lav is playing a prank but notices someone stabbing him and realises how sincerely he loved her. The film ends on a happy note with the union of Lav and Anu.

PLUS: The entire first half of the film was devoted to portray the feelings of teenage youth, their interest towards girls and the pranks they play to capture the attention of girls, the enjoyment of moving with a girlfriend and other such things. Ravibabu gave excellent situational comedy all through the first half and the one-liners evoked tremendous response and laugh from the audiences. The second half, however, was completely devoted to serious love, family drama and sentiment and turns out to be a complete Ushakiron Movies genre film. The hero, heroine and the villain, hero's parents, heroine's father and a man in the neighbourhood of the heroine — every character lived to the expectations of the audiences. Action by Kanal Kannan is simple and the camera work by Sudhakar Reddy is okay. Music by Sekhar Chandra is good in parts.

MINUS: Though the director tried to portray the feelings of the teenage boy, he ignored how he could manage the girls, maintaining a mobile phone and bike, moving to costly pubs and coffee shops. Though in a couple of scenes, the hero is seen taking money from the heroine, it failed to establish the financial support for the hero, as his father always used to grumble against him. Likewise, it was not shown what the boy's brother is doing with the money by selling the stolen articles. How anyone could purchase stolen articles from a child instead of complaining it to his parents. Several scenes have no logic and the director conveniently ignored them as he concentrated on portraying a different love story.

REMARKS: The segregation of the film for a complete entertainment in the first half and complete serious scenes in the second half made the film losing balance. The first song in black and white and the title song were choreographed excellently. One could justify that the price of the ticket could be given to the first half and to the canning of these two songs. As a whole, it is a complete Ravibabu's film in the first half and the Ushakiron Movies' film in the second half.

Cast: All new faces

Credits: Storyline – Satyanand, Action – Kanal Kannan, Art – Narayana Reddy, Lyrics – Bhaskarabhatla, Choreography – Nixon, Editing – Marthand K Venkatesh, Director of Photography – N Sudhakar Reddy, Music – Sekhar Chandra, Producer – Ramoji Rao, Script, screenplay, dialogues and direction – Ravibabu

Banner: Ushakiron Movies

Released on: December 19, 2008

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