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Nenu Meeku Telusaa - Review

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Nenu Meeku Telusaa
The Telugu audiences could very well remember the super hit film Gajini of Surya which was dubbed into Telugu with the same name. The film was well remembered by the people as it came out with a novel concept, called amnesia (short time memory loss). The concept was again used in Nenu Meeku Telusa directed by Ajay Sastry with a different storyline of course. This time, the hero does not use any photographs or cards, but recollects everything with the help of a tape recorder only after getting up from bed. The gripping screenplay and the crisp narration made the film once again memorable.

Aditya @ Adi (Manoj) is the son of a millionaire. His father stays in the US and Adi pursues his engineering in India. He falls in love with a girl called Anjali (Sneha Ullal) in the college. They move together and once Adi tells Anjali that his aim is to become a good software engineer and assist his father by going back to the US. But Anjali doesn't want to pursue engineering but wants to become a police officer after her IPS. They differ on this point and Adi passes adverse remarks against the police and this hurts her feelings. They get separated. After that Adi goes to US but could not forget Anjali. So he convinces his father to liquidate all their properties and return to India. However, before meeting Anjali, their car meets with an accident in which Adi's father gets killed, while Adi suffers amnesia. He forgets everything once he goes to bed. However, Adi's paternal uncle (Nazar) turns a caretaker for the entire property. He arranges a personal doctor who visits India once in two months. At that time he gives treatment to Adi. Somehow Adi manages everything though he commits mistakes here and there. At this juncture, Adi gets close to Madhumati (Riya Sen), the vice-president of the company. When she was expecting a promotion, Adi proved a hurdle. So, she tries to know who was Adi and realizes that he is the MD of the company and is suffering from amnesia through Adi's uncle. Then Madhumati and her brother (Uttej) hatch a plan to first marry Adi and get rid of him later to grab the entire property. When Adi's uncle comes to know about their plans, they kill him and fix Adi in the case as the entire property was transferred to Madhumati through power of attorney. But Anjali comes in the way as an investigating officer and turns close to Adi. This irks Madhumati and she plans to kill Anjali, but in the melee gets killed by Adi. Later Anjali marries Adi, with which the film ends on a happy note.

PLUS: Manoj showed an impeccable performance in the film. He showed excellent skills in every scene. He improved a lot. He built the physique well and got a six-pack body. Moreover, his histrionics too improved well. In a scene he imitates Mohanbabu through a lengthy dialogue and he did very well and his dialogue modulation was perfectly suited his father. Moreover, Ajay Sastry's direction is also worth remembering. Though the storyline had a point of amnesia, which was already presented on the screen, he took every precaution in preventing repetition of any scene in the film. Riyasen filled the glamour slot, while Sneha Ullal too joined her, besides she was very romantic in a duet. The entire film revolves around these three characters. Camera work by Sunil Reddy is worth to mention, while choreography of songs was also novel.

MINUS: Though the entire film is good, the songs in the film is a draw back. Though the background score is good, Achu failed to give good tunes to all the songs, though a couple of songs are good to listen. Despite the poor music, the choreography of songs covered them with different steps and stylish taking. Comedy by Brahmanandam failed to evoke big laughter though it gave smiles at times. However, the comedy by Surekhavani in imitating the advertisements of dubbed English films from Hollywood, evoked good laughter. Sunil and Surekhavani tried their best to give comedy. While the entire film was brought well, the director spoiled the mood with a poor climax. It is not known why and how both the heroines come to the place unless the audiences keenly watch the film.

REMARKS: Manoj would definitely get a good break with this film. He really improved a lot in all the departments and proved that he could deliver the good. Moreover, the director extracted his talents in a right way with an already treaded path and old storyline by presenting it differently on the screen. A film which could be watched once for Manoj's performance and the song with Sneha Ullal.

Cast: Manoj, Riya Sen, Sneha Ullal, Nazar, Sunil, Brahmanandam, Ali, Vizag Prasad, Surekhavani and others.

Credits: Cinematogrpahy – Sunil Reddy, Editing – Naveen, Music – Achu, Producer – Lakshmi Prasanna, Story, screenplay and direction – Ajay Sastry.

Banner: Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures

Released on: October 10, 2008

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