Sawal Review

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Director B Jaya proved to be successful with her debut film Chantigadu. However, her second film Premikulu proved a dud. Again, she directed Gundammagari Manavadu with Ali in the lead and it earned an average talk. Thota Venkateswara Reddy, who had earlier produced one film called Student joined hands with this woman director, promoting Suhani, who had played child artiste in Manasanta Nuvve as heroine and Bharat of 10th Class fame as hero. The film has love in its backdrop, which has a scent of old-fashioned commercial formula narration. Neither the film could attract the youth, nor it has any other elements that can attract the family audiences.

Tirupati (Bharat) is an orphan. People of a slum area bring him up, as they strongly feel that his entry into the colony has brought luck to them as the collector gives them house-site pattas to the residents of that slum. After Tirupati grows up, he determines to give even his life for the sake of the slum residents. Tirupati ekes out his living by selling tickets in black market. He has a chance to meet Keertana (Suhani), daughter of a CI called Narasimham (Sayaji Shinde). Once Tirupati saves Narasimham from some goons. Looking at his daring and dashing nature, Narasimham seeks Tirupati's help by asking him as informer. With his help, Narasimham is able to catch anti-social elements and eventually gets a promotion as ACP. Being a clever boy, Tirupati records the conversation between him and Narasimham in his mobile phone. After getting promotion, Narasimham throws a party to Tirupati, where he criticises the latter as a low-class and mass fellow. Irked by his words, Tirupati challenges him that he would trap Keerthana and win her heart. Narasimham accepts the challenge and tells him that he would pay Rs 10 lakhs if he can do so. Tirupati wins the challenge and wins Keerthana's heart, but refuses the money he wins in the challenge and says that he is truly loving Keerthana. Meanwhile, a minister (Dandapani), who is behind all the anti-social activities, threatens Narasimham with dire consequences if he continues with his attacks on his men. At the same time, he learns that Tirupati is helping him and also Tirupati is in love with Keerthana. The minister seeks an alliance with Narasimham, and the latter happily agrees to it as he is against the love between Tirupati and Keerthana. Knowing fully well, that Tirupati can teach a lesson to the minister's son Vinay (Vinayak), she happily agrees to the marriage. In the climax, Tirupati thrashes Vinay severely and gives back Keerthana to Narasimham at the marriage venue, with a message "Treat all the human beings equally and don't differentiate them as class and mass". The film ends with a happy note with the union of Tirupati and Keerthana.

PLUS: Director Jaya has once again showed good taste in the selection of heroine. Suhani looks gorgeous and at the same time performances well within her limits. But for the glamour of Suhani, there is nothing much to talk about plus points in the movie. Dialogues are partly good. Especially, the satires on the private television channels, especially the Telugu news channels, are hilarious. However, the repetition of the same satire for several times bores the audiences also. Sayaji Shinde is good with his comedy. He is in his usual best. Bharath still needs to improve his body language and dictum. He should show ease in all the departments including dances and fights. Especially, the dialogue delivery needs to be a little more sharp.

MINUS: The narration of the film is atrocious. Director Jaya has followed very old fashioned direction and narration for the film. Had it been released in 80s, the audiences would have welcomed the movie. But the film doesn't suit the taste of the present generation. Moreover, the confusing screenplay and lack of other elements like sentiment would turn a draw back and may not attract the family audiences too. The scenes involving Krishna Bhagawan, MS Narayana, AVS are really not necessary and the director has failed to make use of these talented comedians. Almost all the songs help the audiences to have a break and enjoy a cigarette. Jessey Gift can not attract the people with his tunes and the re-recording is also not up to the mark. Many scenes appear too disjointed.

REMARKS: Director Jaya, if really wants to be in the film industry for some more time, should avoid choosing such poor scripts and think in a novel manner. Thota Venkateswara Reddy, once again should get ready to lose his money as the sustenance of the film is in limbo.

Cast: Bharat, Suhani, Vinayak, Sayaji Shinde, Dandapani, Brahmanandam, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, AVS, MS Narayana, Raghubabu, Srinivasa Reddy, Ali, Jeeva, Vizag Prasad, Krishna Bhagawan, Kovai Sarala, Hema, Delhi Rajeswari, Mumait Khan and others

Credits: Music – is by Jessy Gift, Action – Ram-Lakshman, Cinematography - Arunkumar, Editing - Avula Venkatesh, Art - S Nagendrababu, Producer - Thota Venkateswara Reddy, Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction - Jaya B.

Banner: Sai Rupa Creations


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