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Three - Review

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Sekhar Suri is very familiar among the Telugu audiences with his film A Film By Aravind. Though the film was not commercially successful. The film was technically brilliant and earned him name as a good technical director, but did not become a hit due to the absence of entertainment value. Once again Sekhar Suri has come up with a different film, a suspense thriller. This time, he has chosen rebirth / schizophrenia as the theme with several twists and filled with nail-baiting suspense.

Ram (Rishi), a journalist working on forest life, stays with his friend. Though he is in love, he plans to first settle in life before getting married. Incidentally when his lover refuses to stay and leaves him, a psychiatrist Harsha (Harshavardhan) comes to help him

out of this depression. When he is alone, another girl Nisha (Urvashi Sharma) comes to him saying that she had purchased a house built by his friend who does real-estate business. She claims to be facing a typical problem whereby someone by name Shankar calls her and she can hear some typical sounds but could not see who was doing all this. Learning about her psychological disorder, Rishi calls for Harsha, who takes her to his professor (Ranganath). He declares that she has no mental disorder and is fine. However, Harsha raises a doubt, whether Nisha is haunted by a devil (dayyam) and wants to confirm whether that Shankar is dead or alive. Ram, Nisha and Harsha go to the island where Nisha had met Shankar (Shanti Chandra) once. Nisha meets Chandra and Harsha confirms that she is suffering from schizophrenia.

When they are about to leave the guest house a man by name Rajeev (Rajeev Kanakala) comes seeking shelter at night. Nisha later calls the police and gets him arrested. But the police on finding that he is not Shankar but Rajeev, leaves him. The original Shankar, who was in love with Nisha attacks Rajeev as she had claimed that the former was planning to kill her. This irks Rajeev and he comes to attack Nisha. Finally, Harsha takes Nisha to a Father who reveals that she is not suffering from schizophrenia, but is haunted by memories from her earlier birth. As per his revelation, in her previous birth, Nisha had an affair with Chandra (Shanti Chandra), but married Shankar (Rajeev Kanakala). Once when she threatened to divorce Shankar, to prevent her from sharing his property, Shankar had bequeathed his entire property to his friend (Rishi). However, that friend first killed Nisha, then Shankar, Chandra and finally he too died. After rebirth, Nisha is haunted by these memories. Incidentally, Ram also learns about his past life and wants to kill Rajeev. Meanwhile, Shankar intervenes and finally, Ram gets killed by Rajeev. The film ends with Rajeev (the husband in the earlier birth) uniting Shankar and Nisha.


Director Sekhar Suri has come out with a different subject by choosing regression / rebirth / schizophrenia as the focal subject. He has nearly succeeded in making the audiences sit feel the suspense. Those who like suspense thrillers would definitely like the movie. Rishi sports a different look with tattoos all over his body. Though he has given his best, he needs to improve his body language and diction. Rajeev Kanakala's character has different shades. In fact, he is the lone horror subject on the screen. To some extent, Harshavardhan has made efforts to tickle the funny bone of the audiences. Camera work by Senthil Kumar needs a special mention. He has presented each and every scene on the screen exactly the way the director had in mind. Music by Vijay C Kurakula is okay. Dialogues by Harshavardhan are adequate.


Many scenes appear too lengthy due to the director's bid to fill suspense in the scene. Though the music is okay,it has dominated the audio in some scenes, with many of the dialogues not being audible. Heroine of the film is another big minus point. She can neither perform nor bring horror and fear in her face. Though Shanti Chandra has made his debut through this film, he can not maintain a separate identity of his own. Though the concept 'regression' chosen by the director is okay, the presentation of the same on the screen is a little weird and many scenes appear confusing with the director not being able to convince the audiences as to what he wants to explain. Those who like suspense thrillers, and watch Hollywood movies of the kind, can watch the movie to some extent. But for the common audiences it fails to give anything.


Though the film is a little confusing, the director has tried his best to explain that there are many instances where one could find similarities in one person with someone in the past. At the end of film, there is a scrolling where the director has tried to explain that there are similarities between some famed personalities with the present generation famed personalities. They include Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, George Bush and J K Rowling. Had the director kept some more entertainment the film would have gone well. Such films may not go well with common audiences in the absence of commercial values.

Cast: Rishi, Rajeev Kanakala, Shanti Chandra, Urvashi Sharma, Ranganath, Harshavardhan, Benarjee and others.

Credits: Cinematography – Senthil Kujmar, Editing – Tirupati Reddy, Music – Vijay Kurakula, Action – Ram-Lakshman, Presents – Smt P Kanakalakshmi, Producers – Phaniraj P and GS Babu, Story, screenplay and direction – Sekhar Suri.

Banner: Raj (India) Entertainments.

Released on: October 17, 2008.

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