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Tinnama Padukunnama Tellarinda Review

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Tinnama Padukunnama Tellarinda
Ali started his career as child artist and was later promoted as hero through Yamaleela by SV Krishna Reddy. Though he played hero in several other films, none of them could reach the range of Yamaleela. Last year, Ali's film Gundammagari Manavadu gave him some solace. Though he turned hero, he did not keep himself off from his routine comedy roles. In the backdrop of several comedians turning heroes, Ali once again came up as a solo hero with Jyothi Krishna and Tejasri in the female lead in Tinnama Padukunnama Tellarinda. Ramkumar made his debut as director through this movie.

Pandu (Ali) stays in a village without any work. Most of the villagers pray God to send him away, as he is spoiling the other youths in the village. His parents Ramachandra Rao and Yasoda (Chalapati Rao and Sudha) decide to get him married, to make him learn responsibility. During the pelli choopulu (marriage alliance talks), the girl Madhavi (Jyothi Krishna) tells Pandu that she is in love with one Manikyam (Prabhakar) and want to elope with him. Pandu has no option but to accept her word as he is very kind at heart. However, that Manikyam does not turn up to the venue, so Pandu ties the nuptial knot to Madhavi. Even as Pandu waits at bedroom Madhavi decides to go away from home. But, Pandu convinces her and goes along with her to Hyderabad and hands her over to Manikyam. Accidentally, Pandu gets caught by police along with a pickpocket (Srinivasa Reddy) and gets implicated in a murder case. To save his skin, Pandu joins a gang of pick-pockets led by Suvarna (Tejasri) and a thief Ganganna (LB Sriram). In this backdrop, Suvarna loses her heart to Pandu and on his advice the gang quits the pick-pocketing, robbing etc. Meanwhile, there are two gangs in the city one led by Jayabhai (Jayaprakash Reddy) and another led by Jaggubhai (Jeeva), who are involved in several anti-social activities. Accidentally, Pandu thrashes men of Jaggubhai and the latter asks Pandu to join in his gang. On the first mission, Jaggubhai tells Pandu to kidnap a girl, which is in the hands of Jayabhai. Incidentally, she is none other than Madhavi, who has eloped with Manikyam. Pandu takes her with him. How Pandu saves her from being sold to Dubai Sheiks and how he reveales the real colours of Manikyam will form the climax. Suvarna unites Pandu and Madhavi in the end sacrificing her love.

PLUS: Ali has given fantastic performance all through the film. He has done justice to his character all through the film and the audiences does not feel bored with his performance. Jyothi Krishna and Tejasri have filled the glamour slots and have nothing much to perform. It is LB Sriram, who steels the show with his comedy, while Jayaprakash Reddy and Jeeva have played the comedy villains. The next to talk about is the performance of Surya. The director needs to be commended for maintaining good tempo all through the film with good comedy. Though he has made use of some scenes from other films and used them in the way of parody, they make the audiences laugh heartily. Especially, Ali and Surya have made good use of them. Camera work by Jawahar Reddy is good in capturing the beauties of Malaysia and Bangkok during some song sequences.

MINUS: The hero's characterization appeared like an extended comedian role and has no weight at all. The director has also failed to establish the scenes involving Chalapati Rao and Gauthamraju though they gave good comedy relief. Likewise, the love thread between Ali and Tejasri is also not properly highlighted. Though the film has heavyweights like Jayaprakash Reddy, AVS, Jeeva and others in the star cast, all of them have been used for entertainment and comedy and the film lacked seriousness at any point of time. Moreover, several scenes have no logic.

REMARKS: The film was slated for release on April 4 but was delayed by two days due to some technical reasons. The movie opened with an average to above average talk. However, the most important and notable point in it is that none of the cuts ordered by the censor board were cut in the film. Not even one dialogue was cut nor the sound in the lyric, which was ordered by the Censor Board, which was prominently displayed in the theatre. It is surprising, how the producer released the film without cutting the sounds in the scenes as per the Censor Board orders. Is it not violating the rule?

Cast: Ali, Jyothi Krishna, Tejasri, Chalapati Rao, Gauthamraju, Jayaprakash Reddy, Jeeva, AVS, Surya, Srinivasa Reddy, LB Sriram, Prabhakar, Sudha, Sivajiraja and others.

Credits: Story and dialogues – Veligonda Srinivas, Camera – Jawahar Reddy, Editing – Nandamuri Hari, Music – MM Srilekha, Action – Nandu, Presents – Baireddy Rosireddy, Producer – SS Rao, screenplay and direction – Ramkumar.

Banner: Padmini Art Pictures

Released on: April 6, 2008

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