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      Vaana - Review

      By Staff

      Vaana still
      Popular producer MS Raju, who had brought out several hit films under Sumanth Art Productions, has made his debut as director for Vaana under his own banner. He chose a successful Kannada film Mungaru Male and remade it in Telugu. It is learnt that MS Raju first opted to promote his son Sumanth Ashwin as hero through this movie. However, he dropped the idea as the hero needs to show different emotions and it needs some experience. At the same time, he thought that the audience should also get a new face as hero as the storyline is mainly based on love. MS Raju, made this love story quite entertaining with a novel movement of the story.

      Abhiram @ Abhi (Vinay), son of an industrialist (Naresh), falls in love at first sight with Nandini (Meera Chopra). Abhi's mother Uma (Jayadudha) takes him to Bharati's (Sita) house. In fact, it is Uma, who helps Bharati in getting married to Col Choudary (Suman) as they both fall in love. Incidentally, Nandini is Bharati's (Sita) daughter. However, to Abhi's surprise, he comes to know that he has come there for Nandini's marriage. Abhi proposes to Nandini but the latter takes it casually in the initial stage. Later, she too loses her heart to Abhi. The latter then comes to know from Choudary that Nandini is getting married to a person, who saved his life in a battle when he was in Army. Despite that Abhi decides to take her away, but drops the idea after Uma tells him that 'Love is sweet and sacrificing is divine' and tells him that Choudary and Bharati have high regards on Uma and she doesn't want to spoil their family prestige. These words make him to sacrifice his love. Abhi changes his attitude and pretends that he is suspecting the fidelity and character of Nandini, who misunderstands him and develops hatred. In that process, she marries the one, whom his father brought as an alliance. Abhi remains alone, with his heart full of Nandin's memories.

      PLUS: Though a novice to the Telugu screen, Vinay is not new to camera. So, he has given an excellent performance. He makes pranks to keep every one happy. Vinay's body language is good. Meera Chopra has filled the glamour slot well and also got a fair chance to perform in the film. She showed good emotions and her expressions in sentiment scenes are okay. Both the lead artists showed good ease in dances and Meera Chopra looks quite romantic in songs. Another highlight of the film is the screenplay of MS Raju. In fact, it is his strength. Being a remake, MS Raju's work has become a little easy in directing a film as he could do it scene by scene by noticing the original. Paruchuri Brothers did a good job in scripting dialogues as well. Especially, the dialogues of the hero and his conversation with a rabbit called Devadas.

      MINUS: Though the film is good in narration and has some novelty with lots of twists, the film may not go well with Telugu audience as they never like a tragedy climax. But for a scene before climax, the role of Ajay is not properly established. Though all the songs are good to listen, their picturisation is not very impressive but for a handful of songs. Cinematographer Sekhar V Joseph's camera work is just okay.

      REMARKS: All the artists including Suman, Jayasudha and Sita have done complete justice to their respective roles. Especially, Suman has done a very good job as a retired military officer. Jayasudha, who is famous for natural performance, has lived in the character. Almost all the films brought under MS Raju's Sumanth Art Productions banner turned hits because of MS Raju himself provides screenplay. This experience had helped him a lot in bringing out a film with perfection. The Telugu audience generally doesn't like a tragic end to a film. Let us wait and watch how far, MS Raju could break this barrier.

      Cast: Vinay, Meera Chopra, Naresh, Suman, Jayasudha, Sita, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao and others.

      Credits: Dialogues – Paruchuri Brothers, Music – Kamalakar, Photography – Sekhar V Joseph, Art – Rajiv, Editing – KV Krishna Reddy, Presents – SPR Entertainments Screenplay, direction and production – MS Raju.

      Banner: Sumanth Art Productions.

      Released on: January 15, 2007

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