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Adhineta – Review

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Director V Samudra who has brought out several successful movies has had no hits to his credit in recent times. In order to revive the past glory, he has teamed up with Jagapatibabu for Adhineta. There was a strong gossip that the story was actually penned by Paruchuri Brothers to make a film for Chiranjeevi, before his entry into politics. However, with the announcement of his entry, the writers made some changes to suit Jagapatibabu"s image and for the first time, Jagapatibabu plays a full time politician"s role in this movie with politics in its backdrop. The stereotyped story and the outdated screenplay makes the film unimpressive. 

Suryanarayana @ Suribabu (Jagapatibabu) has no responsibility in the village. He is good at heart and helps whoever is in need, but protests against injustice also. Sriramulu (Paruchuri Gopalakrishna) an honest politician is his close associate. He wants Suribabu to enter politics, but Suribabu gently refuses.. With a plea from Suribabu"s parents (Chalapati Rao and Annapurna), Sriramulu recommends him and gets him appointed as the Chief Minister's (Ahuti Prasad) personal assistant. Being an employee at the CM"s office, Suribabu tries to help others by using his influence. Whenever he could not do it, he gets the work done by others. All his friends also appeal to Suribabu to jump into politics.

At this juncture, Sriramulu warns the CM that he would stage a hungerstrike to do justice to a girl who was raped and murdered. But the crooked CM, gets him killed. Before dying Sriramulu pleads with Suribabu to join politics. So he gets elected as an independent candidate along with 40 others. The independents form a group under the leadership of Suribabu. When no party gets absolute majority, the ruling party and the opposition leaders meet the independents for securing their support, but Sriramulu"s wife (Sivaparvathi) puts a condition that they are ready to extend support if Suribabu becomes Chief Minister. With no option left, the outgoing chief minister agrees to the condition and Suribabu becomes the CM.

Being a true public servant, Suribabu tries to do justice to the people and solves many problems and gathers the public sympathy. The ousted CM"s plans to impeach Suribabu prove futile. But he plans to murder Suribbabu, immediately after his marriage but accidentally, his parents and in-laws get killed. Now, it is the Suribabu"s turn to take revenge. But, due to the crooked ideas of the ousted CM, the MLAs withdraw their support and Suribabu also lands in jail. However, he gets bail and launches his own party and announces his manifesto. The main theme of the manifesto is the introduction of a constitutional amendment to recall any politician, who can"t live upto the expectations of the people. He announces that a politician is not a leader but a public servant and the people are the real leaders. Thus he gives a new definition to the word called 'politics". 
PLUS: Jagapatibabu has done complete justice to his role. Though he appears aggressive in certain scenes, he is okay in the role. Ahuti Prasad and Paruchuri Gopalakrishna have excelled in the roles of politicians. Sivaparvathi has got a relatively important role in this movie. Chalapati Rao, Annapurna and others are okay as the hero"s parents. Though there are two heroines, they do not have any scope to perform. However, they have filled the glamour slot. Hamsanandini has done her best to flaunt her beauty, while Shraddha Das has got the chance to expose in one song. But for the artistes, none of the departments behind the screen can be taken as plus points in this movie. 
MINUS: Basically, the old type narration, outdated screenplay and unnatural scenes have made the film boring. Music by Srikanth Deva is boring and none of the songs are good to listen and have no good tunes. Action scenes by Different Danny are unnatural with the hero bashing the goons with single handed. A Chief Minister moving like an ordinary man and acting like a goonda are beyond logic and dramatic. Camera work by Prasadbabu is okay and editing by Nandamuri Hari should have been little more crisp. The production values by Sri Sathya Sai Arts are adequate. 
REMARKS: Though it has been rumoured that the story of the film was meant for Chiranjeevi earlier and later to suit Jagapatibabu"s image, the film has some dialogues criticising all the parties including Chiranjeevi"s Praja Rajyam. However, Paruchuri Brothers have given a dignified approach in the dialogues without making illogical comments on any party. The criticism is justified. The writers" motive to give a new definition to 'Politics" should be complimented.
Cast: Jagapatibabu, Shraddha Das, Hamsanandini, Ahuti Prasad, Raghunatha Reddy, Paruchuri Gopalakrishna, Anand Raj, Chalapati Rao, Murali Sharma of 'Atithi"-fame, Krishna Bhagawan, Chitram Sreenu, Prudhvi, Prasanna, Venu, Ajad, Uttej, Annapurna, Sivaparvathi,  Neelima and others 
Credits: Story and dialogues – Paruchuri Brothers, Music – Srikanth Deva, Camera – Prasadbabu, Editing – Nandamuri Hari, Art – Ramana, Action – Different Danny, Presents – Ravi Sadasivuni, Producer – KK Radhamohan, Screenplay and direction – Samudra V. 
Banner: Sri Sathya Sai Arts 
Released on: April 24, 2009

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