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Amaravathi - Review

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Ravi Babu, who is known for bringing out very good films, directed one more film called Amaravathi with himself playing the lead role. Sneha, Sindhura Gadde and Bhumika played the other important roles. His film Anasuya with Bhumika was a runaway hit and he maintained very good suspense all through the movie. With almost similar shades, he brought out Amaravathi another suspense thriller with Tarakaratna in a negative role. The speciality of the film is that it has no songs and no comedy scenes and the entire film runs on the basis of a tightly-woven subject with nail-biting scenes. 

There is a village called Mutyala Revu and Amaravathi (Bhumika) is the daughter of a landlord. Srinu (Tarakaratna) is his her childhood friend. As Amaravathi reaches puberty, the landlord tells Srinu"s mother to keep him away from his daughter. Once, Srinu wants to present her some pearls, which he acquired from a local rivulet. This irks the landlord and he kills Srinu by slitting his throat and pushing him in the rivulet. He also kills his mother.

A few years pass off. The local Special Task Force takes up a typical case. One person calls up EMRI (108 service) and informs that a pregnant woman is in dangerous condition and by the time they reach, the woman was removed of the child. It turns a mystery that around eight babies go missing like this. Venkat (Ravi Babu) takes up the case and finds a person and starts interrogating him. However, the person keeps laughing and saying something strange and the children gets lifted from the wombs. Following some clues, Venkat finds that a person from Mutyala Revu was doing all this. During the investigation, Venkat finds that it is none other than Srinu. What happens next is the suspense.

Though the film is named after Amaravathi, the role played by Bhumika, she had very less scope to appear on screen and her character begins after the interval bang. Sneha, who paired up Ravi Babu, also has very less scope to make screen presence. However, she romances with Ravi Babu like anything in the first half an hour of the film itself. The entire film runs on Ravi Babu and Tarakaratna. Both of them did a decent job. The running of the film is totally based on the screenplay and story is the hero of the movie. The film runs with perfect grip and the director needed to be complimented for running the film with such a precision that the audiences remain dumbstruck and sit calm in their seats. With no songs or comedy scenes, the film runs as a perfect suspense thriller. As was said by the director, though it is a suspense thriller, there will not be any bloodshed and the entire story was woven and is totally based on hypnotism. How hypnotism could be used for bad purposes was shown in this film. The director chose to use Hannibal Lecter mask for the villain and the publicity made with Tarakaratna wearing the mask is a big hit. 

The minus point in the film is that it has no commercial values and no songs or comedy. Those who go to a theater for a kind of enjoyment and come out of stress from their regular chores, this film is a big no no. Those who are interested to watch horror and thriller, this would be a nice movie to watch and not for regular film viewers. The production values of the film are excellent and the director brought out the film with many nail-biting scenes. However, none of them could make the common audiences make enjoy the film. The film would attract top class audiences and for multiplex viewers and not by the regular masses. Hence the commercial success of the film is doubtful. 

Making a film to attract all classes of audiences is something different from the mindset of the director. Ravi Babu is one such director who wants to show some kind of innovation and something special in the subject. However, words like hypnotism, in-vitro fertilisation, surrogate mothers and virtual hypnosis are something which are not familiar to the common audiences and hence the film may not go well with B, C Centres like Anasuya from the same director earlier. 

Cast: Ravi Babu, Tarakaratna, Sneha, Bhumika, Sindhura Gadde, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Paruchuri Gopalakrishna, GV, Viswanath Kasi, Raja Ravindra, Ravi Prakash, Allari Suhasini and others 

Credits: Music – Sekhar Chandra, Dialogues – Nivas, Cinematography – N Sudhakar Reddy, Editing – Shankar, Screenplay – Satyanand, Make up – Duddu Srinivas, Action – Kanal Kannan, Satish, Art – Narayana Reddy, Producer – V Ananda Prasad, Story and Direction – Ravibabu 

Banner: Bhavya Creations 

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