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Naa Girlfriend Baaga Rich Review

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Sivaji is a good artiste and he earned an image of his own with a film like Missamma and he is considered as a producers" hero as most of his films will have minimum guarantee. Moreover he has good comedy timing too. Though he has a few hits to his credit, the lady luck started evading him for quite some time and he has no successes worth noting in the recent past. Selection of subject is playing spoilsport with his career and the poor narration of his recent film made him face one more flop.

Sanjay Sastri (Sivaji) is born in a middle class family, with his father a clerk in zilla parishad. He is a gold medallist in M.Sc. Ph.D. However, he aims at marrying a rich girl to settle in life happily. In order to achieve his goal, he learns golf and becomes a champion. Sravya (Kaveri Jha) is the daughter of a billionaire (Ahuti Prasad), who is settled in the US. She comes to India as she likes the Indian culture, wants to marry an Indian guy and settle down in India. Sanjay and Sravya fall in love with each other and after a few days Sravya goes to the US saying she would convince her parents for their marriage.

After a few days, Sanjay gets a call from Sravya, who invites him to Bangkok to meet and impress her parents. Meanwhile, there is a mafia gang and the gang leader assigns a job of transporting a bag to Bangkok to Mike Tyson (Brahmanandam). Tyson successfully gets into the plane with his bag. Unfortunately, the bag gets exchanged with that of Sanjay. Sravya"s mother (Tulasi) accidentally peeps into the bag and gets horrified. Nobody knows what happened as she could not explain it to anyone out of shock. Later, it is the turn of Sanjay, who finds seven severed heads in the bag. He also suffers a shock mentally and Sravya too comes to know about it.

Now the game starts as to how to conceal or dispose off the bag. Tyson with the help of the address in the bag goes to Sanjay Sastry"s house in Hyderabad and starts threatening Sanjay"s friends to find his Bangkok address. At this juncture, Sanjay calls his friends and Tyson wants to bring the bag containing the heads to the airport. Meanwhile, Sravya gives a gift to her father through Sanjay and in another mix-up, he gives one head to him instead of gift. This makes police arrest Sravya"s father in airport. Now, Sanjay tells Sravya that it is his responsibility to get her father released from police custody. Finally, Sanjay makes the real culprits to be caught by the police and ensures the safe release of Sravya"s father. The film ends on a happy note.

PLUS: The first 20-25 minutes of story runs very smoothly. Till the love episode, the director is able to manage the story well. Once the action drama started, the director miserably fumbled. As far as performance, Sivaji has given his best as the male lead and Kaveri Jha has not shown any inhibition to appear as romantic as possible and exposed to the maximum extent. Almost all the songs are choreographed with sizzling performance by the heroine with revealing and romantic costumes. Ahuti Prasad, Tulasi, Babloo and Ramaprabha have done justice to their respective roles. Camera by Maro is okay in songs and he has done a good job in capturing the beauty of Bangkok.

MINUS: The director"s immaturity in handling the megaphone could be easily visible in every frame. He has failed to maintain tempo in the movement and he has tumbled at many places as he lost grip on the subject. Moreover, he cannot take an excuse, especially in the airport episode and one cannot expect someone carrying severed heads in a bag so easily. (Of course, there are instances where extremists carried weapons and hijacked planes.) Showing an international crook who could transport such a bag to some other country acting like a buffoon to trace out a missing bag. In fact, the scenes involving Brahmanandam are boring and not expected from a seasoned artiste like him. Mantra Anand, who has scored the music for the film, has repeated the style which he followed for the title song of Mantra in one of the songs and the choreography of that song is also okay. However, none of the songs are catchy and worth humming.

REMARKS: Unless you are a hardcore fan of Sivaji and eager to watch a novice heroine in revealing costumes and romantic poses, the film is not advisable to watch. But for the first 20 minutes film, the movie has nothing to offer. It is neither a complete comedy entertainer nor a suspense movie nor an action film. In total, the film is more boring and less entertaining.

Cast: Sivaji, Kaveri Jha, Brahmanandam, Ahuti Prasad, Tulasi, Aiswarya, Vijayasai, Kamal, Babloo, Gundu Hanumanta Rao, Ramaprabha, Allari Subhashini and others

Dialogues: Vemagiri
Music: Mantra Anand
Camera: Maro
Art: Nagu
Editing: Upendra
Presents: Datti Nirmala Sivaramakrishna
Producers: Kumar Brothers (D Ratnakumar, Karunakar and Suresh)
Story, screenplay and direction: M Nagendra Kumar
Banner: KBC Cinema

Released on: March 6, 2009

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