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Satyameva Jayate Review

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Dr Rajasekhar has become popular by playing police officer's roles like Ankusam and others. He has got the image as an angry young man with those roles. However, Raghavendra Rao has tried to make a change over of his image by making commercial films. But for a couple of films, he could not maintain the commercial hero status and most of his films started getting flops. Once again he has played a tough cop for Satyameva Jayate and as was announced by Jeevitha Rajasekhar, the director of the film, the film reminds the audiences of his earlier powerful police officer's roles in his career.

Satya (Rajasekhar) is a sincere police officer of ACP rank. He earns the name of encounter specialist by killing 51 gangsters in various shoot outs. Once he saves the Chief Minister from assassination attempt and attacks a mafia don called Ranavir (Milind Soman). However, in the shoot out the brother of Ranvir dies. To avenge his death, Ranavir kills the entire in-laws family and Satya's pregnant wife. Later, the terrorists blast a car bomb and several persons die in the incident. Dr Ansari (Atul Kulkarni) who conducts post-mortem finds that three among the victims are not killed in the bomb blast but are murdered earlier. He also finds from a freelance journalist that the three are his friends who freelance like him but are killed by the home minister (Sayaji Shinde).

In order to prevent ruckus over the death of journalists, he takes the help of mafia dumped the bodies of the victims and blasted the car. But the video recorded by them and the file prepared by them with the scams in which the home minister is involved with him. Dr Ansari gives him the correct post-mortem report to the reporter but could not find any report in his newspaper the next day. Surprisingly he finds the reporter with his throat slit. However, he realizes that he utters some words. Learning that the reporter told the details about the file to Dr Ansari, the home minister tells Ranavir to kill Dr Ansari. Before that, the police brand Dr Ansari as a terrorist and takes him into custody in Vizag. When he is being brought to Hyderabad for investigation, all the police get killed by Ranavir gang. At the instance of Ranvir, the home minister entrusts the job of bringing Dr Ansari to Hyderabad would be given to Satya, as Ranvir plans two birds at one shot. Satya plans meticulously and tries to bring Dr Ansari to Hyderabad but Ranvir comes to know about his movements.

However, Dr Ansari reveals the truth that it is the home minister behind all this and he is not a traitor but a true patriot. Satya realizes that the commissioner (Ahuti Prasad) and the home minister are hand in glove. They some how plan to take Dr Ansari but announce that they killed him in a shoot out. Everyone believe that Ansari is dead. But Satya brings to light the dirty games played by the home minister and court convicts the minister, commissioner and Ranvir. Then Satya announces that Dr Ansari is alive. In the climax, he makes Ranvir and others retaliate against the police and kills them in an encounter, proving that the truth will always prevail.

PLUS: After a long time, Rajasekhar appeared in a police uniform and it is once again proved that he perfectly suits the role of a commando or police officer. Rajasekhar re-enacted his earlier roles with elan. He appeared a little romantic in a couple of scenes. Sanjana has played a nice role as the wife of Rajasekhar. Though, he had only one duet with her, the director chose to introduce some scenes in between the song's stanzas. She is okay in her role. Neetu Chandra has appeared in a mass masala role as a subordinate police officer called Basara Papa. Sheryl Pinto has appeared in an item number. Among other artistes, Sivaji has tried to play a playboy role in the film. Saikiran, though has a role in the film, has failed to impress anyone, while Siva Reddy appears in a sentiment role. Milind Soman has played the mafia don role and is okay as he appears in such role for the first time for the Telugu audiences. Atul Kulkarni is okay as a patriot who is branded as terrorist. Sayaji Shinde's performance appears routine. The speciality of the film is that RTC chairman and senior Congress MLA M Satyanarayana Rao has played the role of Chief Minister like Mallemala in Ankusam.

MINUS: The timing of songs is improper. The director is not able to judge the correct timing for the placement of songs. Though the audiences would expect that some of the characters, who took part in the operation along with the hero would die, the killing of Sivaji is in poor taste, while the Siva Reddy episode is worth watching. The film is a direct lift of 'Khakhi', a superhit Bollywood movie. Though Rajasekhar boasts that he has provided the story, screenplay, it is all nothing but a direct lift from that movie. Choreography of action scenes is good and it would definitely attract the mass audiences. Though the film is aimed at attracting all classes of audiences, it would only get good marks from the mass audiences and might be said an above average movie.

REMARKS: This movie can be recommended to those who are interested to watch action films. But those who want entertainment and good family drama with lots of emotions, it is a sure no no film. The film would definitely enthuse the front benchers and would run well in B and C centres. For A centre audiences it has nothing much to offer. It appears that the introductory scene of Rajasekhar is specially added to the film, where he indirectly criticizes the Praja Rajyam party and its chief Chiranjeevi.

Cast: Rajasekhar, Sanjana, Neetu Chandra, Sheril Pinto, Sivaji, Saikiran, Siva Reddy, Atul Kulakarni, Milind Soman, Sayaji Shinde, Ahuti Prasad and others.

Credits: Music – Chinna, camera – Lokeswar and Vamsi, dialogues – Gangotri Viswanath and Writer Mohan, Action – Horeseman Babu, Presents – Siri Media Pvt Ltd, Producers – Baby Sivani and Baby Sivatmika, Story and screenplay – Rajasekhar, Direction – Jeevita Rajasekhar.

Banner: Sri Sivani Sivatmika Films

Released on: February 13, 2009

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