Hasini - Movie Review

    By Ramchander

    Director BV Ramana Reddy prepared a nice family subject with a slight suspense filled drama. Sandhya of Premiste fame have been roped in as a heroine for the film and Kamalakar of Abhi fame played the male lead. The film is heroine-centric and the hero"s character is very limited. The points like family drama, sentiment and melodrama are very good to listen, however, the director has failed to mould the same on the celluloid.

    Hasini (Sandhya) and Kamal (Kamalakar) met each other in a train. Through Kamal she learns that he is the son of the sarpanch of Ganapavaram in East Godavari district. A petty thief (Ali) snatches a ring from Kamal and Hasini notices it. Hasini catches the thief and collects the ring from him, but she misses the train. So, Hasini goes to their village and introduces herself as the lover of Kamal. Kamal"s father (Ahuti Prasad) maintains a joint family. All his three daughters (Hema, Surekhavani and Ragini) stay with him along with their husbands (Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Krishna Bhagawan and Siva Reddy) and children.

    All of them were so affectionate towards Hasini on learning that he is the lover of Kamal. Mistaking the doctors" words that Hasini is three-month pregnant, Kamal"s father asks his son to rush home. Hasini demands Kamal to get her bag which she kept on her seat in the rail compartment. Unfortunately, Kamal, though pick it up, loses it to the same thief, who had stolen the ring from him. Hasini falls flat to the affection of the entire family and she did not want to go home without the bag as it had a valuable thing in it. But, she was forced to leave the house, as two woman thieves (Ramyasri and Jyothi) who were released from the jail reach Kamal"s house in Ganapavaram, learning that Hasini was staying and wanted to loot the house. Did Hasini explained her position to the family members? What was the circumstances that led her for imprisonment? What happened to the two woman thieves? Did she finds the bag? Answers to all these questions form rest of the story.

    Sandhya played a homely girl"s role in this heroine-centric film. The entire story revolves around her character and Sandhya has given excellent performance. However, she needs to shed a lot of weight in case if she wants to continue as heroine in the film industry. Kamalakar, who made his debut through Abhi puts up some weight. Though he is facing the camera for the second film, he still had to learn a lot about acting, improve his dialogue modulation and body language. Once again Ahuti Prasad did a decent job as a head of the family and all the family members in the film tickled the funny bones of audiences with their performance, besides maintaining good sentiment in the film. Almost ninety percent of the film has been shot in a single house in Godavari districts and a few songs were shot in Hong Kong, Pucket islands and other such places.

    Music by Koti is average as none of the songs were melodious and even the background score is also unimpressive. Camera work by K Prasad is also average as he had not much scope to capture the beauty of the village atmosphere and the picturization of songs were just fine with routine locations. The director failed to make use of senior lyricists like Dr C Narayana Reddy, Ramajogaiah Sastry. Dialogues by Marudhuri Raja are good in parts and KV Krishna Reddy should have sharpen his scissors as the first half appeared to be very lengthy. The only solace is that the director maintained good suspense till the last half-an-hour of the film, as to why Hasini went to jail and her background. The remix of Arundhati scene of Bommali failed to evoke any laughter and was made in poor taste. The screenplay, penned by the director himself, was mediocre and it is not known how Ali, who also lost the train caught the same train. It is also absurd as to how a petty thief got a chance to act in a film. Such silly mistakes tests the patience of the audiences.

    Though the storyline chosen by the director, the family sentiment and the suspense part was good, the director"s immaturity was very clear in moulding the subject effectively on the screen was evident and the film failed to attract any audiences on the date of release itself as it has neither melodious songs, nor artistes with a particular image, nor there is good publicity to the film. The release of the film was abnormally delayed and some how the film saw the light, with very very little response from the audiences.

    Cast: Sandhya, Kamalakar, Giribabu, Ahuti Prasad, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Krishna Bhagawan, Ali, Venumadhav, Pruthvi, Afia, Saraswatamma, Hema, Surekha Vani, Ragini, Nirmala Reddy, Sudeepa, Ramyasri, Jyothi, Sruthi and others

    Credits: Dialogues – Marudhuri Raja, Lyrics – Dr C Narayana Reddy, Ramajogaiah Sastry and BV Ramana Reddy, Music – Koti, Camera – K Prasad, Editing – K.V. Krishna Reddy, Presenter – Buchepalli Venkayamma, Producer – B Kamalakar Reddy, Story, screenplay and direction – BV Ramana Reddy.

    Banner: Kamal Pictures

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