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Maa Nanna Chiranjeevi – Review

By: A fantastic portrayal of father-son sentiment
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Of all the senior heroes of the present generation, Jagapathi Babu has maintained a little variation. Instead of looking for mass audiences, he always looks for family audiences. Most of his films will have a particular set of audiences and he maintains his career by catering to the needs of this section of audience. May be it a Subha Lagnam or Swagatam or Subhakankshalu, he continued to maintain his fan following among the women and family circles. Once again, he has come up with a complete sentimental drama called 'Maa Nanna Chiranjeevi" on how a father cares his son. Director Arun Prasad has penned a perfect and gripping story and screenplay to make the audience sit tight to their seats all through the film.

Chiranjeevulu (Jagapathi Babu) is a big landlord in a village. He gets married to Neelima (Neelima), who pursues higher education and have many ultra-modern thoughts. She insists him to do business with shares by selling his fertile lands and as the sensex drops, they lose all their money. So Neelima deserts him after giving birth to his son. He takes his son Viswanath (Atulit) to Hyderabad. How he struggles to educate will form the rest of the story.

Performance: Jagapathi Babu perfectly suits to the character and he has given a wonderful performance. He makes the audience believe that no other artiste can do such role as he did. Especially, the places like railway station urinals, platform, film theatre, where the shooting took place, no other hero could dare to stay even for shooting purposes. Many of the combination scenes of Jagapathi and Atulith are heart-touching. Their body languages, facial expressions and sentimental scenes really move the family audiences well.

Though Neelima is claimed to be the heroine, she has very little scope to perform and she just makes a guest appearance. The entire film has been shot on the hero and the child artiste. Atulith, who has given an impeccable performance in 'Tulasi" earlier, has again performed well in this film. Though some scenes appear to be a little heavy, he emotes well. The director need to be complimented for giving him a song in the climax, with a prefix from the child artiste to watch his dance. The song has been choreographed excellently with so many child artistes.

Other artistes including MS Narayana, Telangana Sakuntala, Jayaprakash Reddy and others did justice to their respective roles. Jhansi appeared in just one scene and impressed the audiences with her typical Hyderabadi Hindi-Telugu language. Comedy track that was shot on Brahmanandam and Ali fails to evoke laughter and they are really wasted.

Technical: It is the perfect story with gripping screenplay and direction by Arun Prasad makes the film worth watching. The director needs to be complimented for etching the character with precision as the entire story depended on two characters and the circumstances. The way how a father strives for the sake of a son whom he loves so much has been perfectly portrayed on the screen. Many scenes touch the hearts of the audience and there are many sentimental scenes that would wet our eyes.

Music by Hemachandra is okay. Though the songs are not that great, the choreography of the first and last song, are good to watch. Re-recording is appropriate and it elevated the moods of the scene many times. Camera work by Bharani K Dharan, editing by Baswa Paidireddy and action by Ram-Lakshman are up to the mark. The production values of Laughing Lords Entertainment are adequate.

At a time when the entire film industry is looking for action and mass-oriented subjects, such family subjects are appearing rarely. The director has chosen an original thought for the film and the entire film runs on circumstances and the movement is really good. It takes the audience into the film. The audience feel as if the story is running amidst us and one of our close friend is facing the problems. Jagapathi Babu and Atulith need kudos for their performance.

Cast: Jagapathi Babu, Neelima and Master Atulith, MS Narayana, Brahmanandam, Ali, Jayaprakash Reddy, Benarjee, Satyam Rajesh, Chitram Sreenu, Munna Venu, Tirupati Prakash, Ram Jagan, Anant, Telangana Sakuntala, Jhansi, Sandhya Acharya, Ragini, Kalpana and others.

Credits: Music – Hemachandra, Camera – Bharani K Dharan, Editing – Baswa Paidireddy, Art – KV Ramana, Action – Ram-Lakshman, Producer – Jayasri, Story, screenplay and direction – Arun Prasad.

Banner: Laughing Lords Entertainment

Released on: January 1, 2010

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