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Puli – Movie Review

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The expectations have been high from the day Puli started its rolling. The combination of director SJ Surya and Pawan Kalyan had brought out the biggest hit in the hero"s career like Khushi. At a time when Pawan Kalyan was almost went into oblivion with the disaster of Johnny, the film Jalsa gave him the breath. However, after a long wait, Puli had hit the screen amid speculations whether it would be released or not. Unfortunately, the film is quite horrible and watching the film is a misery and it is the director who should be blamed for the disaster.

The film begins with a woman searching for her husband, who was a police officer. After police fail to give any clue about her missing husband, she meets the villain Al Saleem (Manoj Bajpai), who thrashes her to death almost. She survives and pleads with God to save the society. Then she finds that she was pregnant and gives birth to a baby boy. She brings him up and makes him an upright cop with the name Komaram Puli (Pawan Kalyan). He saves the prime minister (Girish Karnad) in Hong Kong from the hands of terrorists and when he was going to be rewarded, he pleads with prime minister to help him launch a special team Puli Team to police the policemen. Once Puli gets a complaint about a missing police officer

Hussain (Surya) and investigates the case. He finds that Hussain got the last call from Al Saleem. While investigatig, Puli comes to know that Al Saleem bought the car from Nixon, a mafia don, who allegedly died in an encounter in Hong Kong. He finds link between a dancer (Shreya) and Nixon. What happens next should be seen on-screen.

Pawan Kalyan appears imitating like Sai Kumar, who played the police officer roles in several Kannada and Telugu films. His voice was loud and at times unbearable. He tried to put his entire energy with ever dialogue. He has given an eccentric performance, which is not expected from a good artiste like Pawan Kalyan, who played cool in all his earlier films. The love and romantic scenes between the hero and the heroine are disgusting and gives a feel of aversion. Nikisha Patel is a grace as her beautiful eyes, fresh oomph gives a relief to the front-benchers at least. Though she did not get any scope to perform, she filled the glamour slot well.

Shreya"s item number is below average and such a song doesn"t need a heroine like Shreya as any of the item girls could do it. Manoj Bajpayee"s character is another disaster. The director introduces him as an international don, but it ends up in such a poor manner and he was almost shown as a comedy villain with no dignity. Other artistes including Nazar, Charan Raj, Saranya, Girish Karnad and others just appear in some scenes and have done justice to their roles. Ali was wasted.

The producer had spent a lot on the film and the lavishness appears on the screen. The entry of the hero was shot in Hong Kong. Though the action scene choreographed in the introduction would get whistles from front-benchers and Power Star"s fans, it appears very cinematic for a common audience. The director migh have thought of making the film on the lines of some Hollywood films and hence the film lost nativity. The film is of graphics, rope work. Cinematography is average and the
editing is atrocious. Music is audible but the choreography of songs is not impressive. Re-recording is loud and noisy. The director left the entire film disjointed. Screenplay was atrocious and he lost grip on the main storyline with wrong placement of songs and poor narration. It is absurd to show the power of god during the birth of the hero and, the power of mother"s tear in making the hero recharge before death.

The poor screenplay and lackadaisical attitude of the director is clearly visible with inconsistent appearance of the hero. He appears with a long moustache in one scene and in the next immediate scene, it gets shortened. He appears in Khakhi for a while and in olive green uniform. It is not known why a police officer need six body guards two before and four after, especially, when he was talking about policing on police. It is a surprise how in one scene the villain"s car towed away by the hero in Hyderabad and in the next scene he appears in Hong Kong with a helipad on the roof top of a big building. such inconsistencies made the film laughable and the film has no visual appeal and even the hardcore fans of Mega family curse the director for giving another disaster to Pawan Kalyan.

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Nikisha Patel, Manoj Bajpai, Nazar, Charanraj, Ali, Girish Karnad, Brahmaji, Cochin Haneefa, Gopinath, Saranya, Shreya Saran (special appearance), etc

Credits: Music – AR Rahman, Cinematography – Binod Pradhan, Editing – Prabhakaran, Producer – Singanamala Ramesh Babu, Story, screenplay, dialogues, direction – S J Surya

Banner: Kanakarathna Movies

Released on: September 10, 2010

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