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Dongala Mutha – Movie Review

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Ram Gopal Varma faced lots of criticism for his nonsensical film KSD Appala Raju. Immediately after the movie, he chose an experimental film Dongala Mutha and with a very less crew of seven technician. He launched the shooting on February 18 and wrapped up in five days. As the film is made without any lighting, it is shot between 9 am and 6 pm (regular working hours). He has not paid any remuneration to any of the artistes and promised them to share the profits. As the entire budget of the film is less than Rs 6 lakhs, even half-filled theatres could make the revenue on the first day itself. Read on for Dongala Mutha review.

Sudhir (Ravi Teja) and Rani (Charmy Kaur) are husband and wife. The couple plans to attend their friend's marriage and they take a short route to reach it. But their vehicle breaks down midway and they decide to take shelter in a resort. The receptionist (Subbaraju) first denies room to them, but the manager (Supreet) orders him to give them room No. 8, as he gets attracted to Rani. After getting in, Sudhir orders for lunch. But they say that nothing is available. The manager gives him the car keys to go to a nearby village called Amalapuram by leaving Rani in the resort, as a deposit for the car. But Sudhir refuses to leave his wife. Meanwhile, Rani hears some noises from the adjacent room and the receptionist tells her that there was ghost in it. But the manager says it is not a ghost but a thief. Frightened at their gestures, Sudhir and Rani tries to get out of the resort, but the manager, receptionist and a servant (Brahmaji) hold them captive and keep Rani in Room No. 9. What happens next should be seen on-screen.

Ravi Teja is at his usual best as hero of the film. In fact, there is hardly anything to perform in the movie but has to emote to suit the situation. Charmy has emoted well in frightening scenes and chases. Supreet, Subbaraju and Prakash Raj are okay and Brahmanandam has once again has tried to tickle the funny bones of the audience. Of the entire film, the character of Subbaraju and Sunil were not necessary. Prakash Raj has played the role of comedy villain in this film. Lakshmi Prasanna is needed to show the presence of police, as the film talks about a group of gangsters.

The director"s main idea to explain to the world that a film need not have a whole bunch of technicians but could be done with just a Canon 5D cameras and FX school students. He has revealed his idea at the end of the film with a sub title 'The making of Dongala Mutha". How the students has used the hand held cameras and shot the film without using regular cranes and other machinery. The director himself has looked after everything instead of making use of assistant directors, associate directors, managers and make-up artistes, light boys and others. He has penned the dialogues to the characters and has tried to derive comedy by repeating the same dialogues between the characters. Even the action choreography is also handled by RGV himself. It is almost a one-man show.

Watch the film to see Ram Gopal Varma's experiment. Don"t expect entertainment / comedy / action / songs in the film and the reason is the same – it is just an experiment. Of the entire film spanning one and a half hours, the hide and seek game is allotted for running / brisk walking / chasing the artistes each other. Watch the film if you are a hardcore fan of Ram Gopal Varma that too without any expectation.

Cast: Raviteja, Charmme, Prakash Raj, Lakshmi Prasanna, Brahmanandam, Sunil, Subbaraju, Supreet and Brahmaji.
Credits: Story – Nilesh Girkar, Music – Satyam, Presents – Vandita Koneru, Producer – Kirankumar Koneru, Dialogues, screenplay, direction – Ramgopal Varma.
Banner: Shreya Productions
Released on: March 18, 2011

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