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Bus Stop – Movie Review: Raw and coarse comedy

Bus Stop
Maruthi, who had directed ‘Ee Rojullo' which portrayed the adult comedy some time ago, has once again coming up before the audiences with the film Bus Stop. In fact, the film is most likely to be released in the second or third week of November. However, with the unexpected postponement of the release of ‘Dhamarukam', producer Bellamkonda Suresh hastened the release of the film and arranged for its release on November 11.

The film is all about the points of love, infatuation, attraction, flirting etc... and it explains the mindset of the present generation youth, their lifestyle, their emotions and other such scenarios. The differences between the parents' mindset and the children's lifestyle is perfectly shown on the celluloid by the director.

Srinu (Prince) and Sailaja (Sri Divya) are in love with each other. Srinu has a gang of friends and all of them have their own love tracks. Among them Seema (Hasika) is in love with one of the boys. However, it is not really love but she flirts with him for costly gifts. The director chooses to explain how the boys or girls fall in to the trap of the opposite sex not knowing whether it is love or infatuation or attraction or flirting by the others.

At the same time, the director wants to narrate one more point as to how their parents trust their children and how far the children maintain the same trust towards their parents. In this process only the true love stories succeed and reach their goals perfectly and end up in marriage, but the other stories which are filled with infatuation, attraction or flirting end up with either unwanted pregnancies or failed love stories. In this course of action, those who follow the advice of parents and set a proper goal would succeed in reaching them. The film tries to explain all these points.

Performance: It is Sri Divya, who wins the hearts of audiences with her fantastic performance and with her glamour. Prince has also done a good job all through the movie. As most of the artistes in the film are either novices or just one or two films' old, all of them appear a little raw in acting. Saikumar, who has played the role of Panakalu's son, who appears as the Tiffin Centre owner, tries to tickle the funny bones of audiences and he has almost succeeded in his attempt.

Next comes, Rao Ramesh. Being a seasoned artiste, he has done complete justice to his role. Though many people do not like to accept his attitude, the way he accepts the romantic moves of his daughter is hard nut to crack for many audiences. At the same time, the emotional struggles of the parents of Sailaja and Seema are also shown well. Hasika has also brought lot of fun with her performance. DMK Muralikrishna is the other artiste who brought lots of laughs all through the film.

Technical: The cinematographer has used the Canon 5D system and brought an excellent copy of the film. Instead of normal celluloid output, the system is of much higher quality. Moreover, the system gives good scope for a neat editing. JB's music is melodious and it has gelled well with the present day youths' attitude. The dialogues penned for the film is a little crude and does not sound good for the normal and family audiences. But, those who like the adult comedy take them very easily.

Director Maruthi, with his perfect screenplay and direction, has succeeded in his attempt in what he exactly wanted to explain through this film. While watching the movie, the audiences feel that they are also one among them and identify one of the characters with them. Especially, the youngsters would have this feeling.

Remarks: Young adults would enjoy the first half of the film. The second half is a little boring as it is filled with sentiments. Though the entertainment values are good, the raw and adult comedy is a hard nut to crack for the family audiences. Of course, those who have accepted the film Ee Rojullo would also accept Bus Stop, but the film should not be watched by parents and children together as there are many uneasy scenes in the film.

Producer: Bellamkonda Suresh

Director: Maruthi

Cast: Prince, Sri Divya, Rao Ramesh, Hasika, Saikumar, DMK Muralikrishna

Music: JB

Release Date: November 11

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