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      Businessman - Movie Review

      By Ramchander

      Puri Jagannath has teamed up with Mahesh Babu again for Businessman. This time too, they have worked on an action-oriented subject. Can Puri-Mahesh recreate the Pokiri magic once again? Let us find out.

      Surya (Mahesh Babu) comes to Mumbai. He has not come to make a living like everyone else but with a mission. With the help of his friend Brahmaji, Surya slowly sets up his empire. Mumbai has been rid of mafia dons by the police commissioner Nazar. Surya now is set to fill up this space. For achieving his goal, Surya first makes Chitra (Kajal Agarwal), daughter of city police commissioner Nazar, to fall in love with him.

      Surya cleverly uses a local politician Sayaji Shinde and with his money and brain power makes him Mayor of Mumbai. Surya then targets Jayadev (Prakash Raj), a powerful politician in Delhi. Surya befriends Jayadev"s rival and promise to make him the next prime minister. Surya also arranges the amount (Rs 35,000 crore) to fight the elections.

      He also sets up his own business 'Surya Imports and Exports" and opens branches in all cities and tons. Then, he recruits local gangsters and starts extorting money and indulges in land settlements, etc. What exactly is Surya"s agenda? What is his real motive. Is he after money and power? Or is it something else. To know the answer one has to watch the film on the screen.

      There is only one actor in the film who is everywhere – it is none other than prince Mahesh Babu. The film revolves around him and all other characters including Kajal Agarwal are just like extra or junior artists. Mahesh Babu carries the role with the required intensity and charms. Kajal Agarwal is there just to fill the glamour element. Nazar is effective as the city police commissioner. Prakash raj is wasted in a small role. Sayaji Shinde is his usual self. Brahmaji, Subba Raju, Dharmavarapu and others are there just to fill up the gaps.

      Mahesh Babu

      Weak story and it lacks logic
      It neither has drama nor it generates any emotion
      Weak villain
      Too many swear words and violence

      Puri Jagannath has repeated his mafia/don theme once again. He has concentrated only on one thing – Mahesh Babu - and has neglected the other aspects like good story, drama, sentiment, comedy and other aspects that make a film a entertainer. Businessman is weak on several counts and this is sure to affect the fate of the film at the Box Office.

      Businessman is not a regular film with the regular dose of action, comedy and entertainment. It is a serious film and hence its appeal is very limited. The film may be liked by the fans of Mahesh Babu but for the general audiences it is just an average film that has nothing new or exiting to offer. Puri has disappointed once again.

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