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Oka College Story - Movie Review

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Oka College Story, which was delayed for a long time due to financial problem, has finally hit the marquee last Friday. Directed by T Prabhakar, the movie stars Sravan and Monal Gajjar in lead roles. The film is a decent entertainer with a beautiful message to all college going students.

Oka College Story is romance drama and the director has managed to include all mass masala elements in it. The lead actors' performance, a couple of comedy tracks and brilliant camera work are the highlights of the film. The biggest drawback of the movie is its dragging narration at some places.

The director, who penned the story, screenplay for the movie, has chosen an excellent subject, but has failed to express what he wanted through this film. He neither has a perfect story, nor a gripping screenplay to move the story. He has tried to show how ragging can be done and different ways of ragging. At times, we feel that it is more of torturing than ragging. He has also failed to tap out good performance from the artistes. All he wants to show is that ragging is bad, but the viewers feel ragged by him!

The film begins with the students entering the CMR Medical College with a hope of becoming doctors. Surya (Sravan), Sindhu (Monal Gajjar), Maska Ramachandra Murthy, Kamesh, Rajesh, Rama and Rajkumar are good friends. Manohar (Manohar) is a senior student, who rags the juniors. Manohar's father is a minister and even the college management does not dare to take action against him. Once, Surya complaints against Manohar. In a bid to take revenge on him, Manohar kidnaps Surya's lover Sindhu.

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Oka College Story – Movie Review

What does Manohar do with Sindhu? Does Surya save Sindhu from the clutches of Manohar? What are the repercussions of ragging? What kind of steps the college management takes to curb ragging? Answers to all these questions have to be seen on the screen.

Oka College Story – Movie Review

Sravan has no qualities of playing the role of a hero. His face is expression-less from the beginning till the end. He lacks the energy of a hero. He has tried his best to show good moments in dances. Some of the steps are good to watch.

Oka College Story – Movie Review

Heroine Monal Gajjar is okay to a certain extent. Comedy by Maska Ramachandra Murthy is average. All other artistes have also done justice to their roles.

Oka College Story – Movie Review

Cinematography is satisfactory in the movie. The camera man has tried his best to capture many locations for the movie. The editor should have sharpened his scissors a little more as there are many scenes that test the patience of the audiences.

Oka College Story – Movie Review

The director himself has provided music for the movie and some of the tunes are good to listen. But his background score is atrocious and has failed to lift any of the scenes in the movie.

Oka College Story – Movie Review

Other production values are average. The dialogues are very poor and do not stimulate the audiences. Though the action scenes have been shot well, they appear to be cinematic fights and the audiences can not find any kind of action in the movie.

Oka College Story – Movie Review

Remarks: Instead of trying to explain the maladies of ragging, the director should have moulded it as a revenge drama. Except for Monal Gajjar's performance and a couple of comedy tracks, the film has nothing much to watch. If you want, go, watch the movie and get ragged by the director.

Oka College Story – Movie Review

Producer: T Rajaram Reddy and Kiran Thota
Director: T Prabhakar
Cast: Sravan, Monal Gajjar
Music: T Prabhakar
Release date: April 13, 2013

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