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Singam (Yamudu 2) - Movie Review: A film with lots of Tamil scent

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It is well aware that Telugu movie Yamudu, the dubbed version has done better business than the original Tamil film at the Box Office. Keeping this in view, the makers, chose to produce a sequel to the movie. Surprisingly, the title of the Tamil original of the prequel was kept for the Telugu version, with a tagline 'Yamudu 2'. But in Tamil, the film is titled Singam 2. Surya has once again flashed on the screen as a tough cop, but this time, he fights with smugglers of sea coast. Heroines like Anushka, Hansika and Anjali have paired up with him in the movie. Let us see how the film is...

Narasimham (Surya), who was a police officer in the earlier version of the movie, appears as a NCC officer of a school in the sequel. He makes all the people around him including his parents and his lover Kavya (Anushka) that he has resigned from his job as he wants to live a peaceful life. However, the truth is different. The Home Minister (Vijaykumar) gives him another big assignment to uncover the smuggling activities through sea and asks him to go to Kakinada.

As a part of it, he joins as NCC officer and starts undercover operation. He keeps track of all the illegal activities at Kakinada and puts the activities of one smuggler named Bhai (Mukhesh Rushi) under surveillance. Meanwhile, one of the students of the college, Satya (Hansika) falls in love with Narasimham. Satya is the niece of a big business magnet Tyagaraju (Raghu Rehman), who owns a big shipping company. Narasimham finds that there is business rivalry between Tyagaraju and Bhai.

With the efforts he makes during surveillance of Bhai activities, Narasimham gathers evidence and in order to round them up, he needs the help of police and he himself comes out of the undercover and takes the charge as the special DSP and arrests all the gang members who are working with Bhai. At this juncture, Narasimham comes to know about another major fact that Bhai and Tyagaraju look like enemies, but they are business partners. He also comes to know about another narcotic smuggler called Danny (Danny Sapani).

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Yamudu 2 Climax

Now the rest of the film deals with how Narasimham attacks Bhai, Tyagaraju and Danny. What price he pays for attacking these anti-social elements? What happened to Satya's love with Narasimham? Did Narasimham marry Kavya? Answers to all these questions form the crux of the story.

Surya - The Showman Of Yamudu 2

Surya has once again excelled as a police officer with the same kind of get up. He has given a power-packed performance. Sashank Vennelakanti's dialogues, though not termed as completely good or excellent, they are good in parts, but Surya has delivered some of the punch dialogues with a good tempo, in the dubbed version. He has shown excellent ease in action scenes and songs too. He maintained good chemistry with all the three heroines Anushka, Hansika and Anjali.

Anushka-Hansika - Glam Dolls

Anushka Shetty has filled the glamour slot perfectly and Hansika too followed the same. However, there is no great scope for the heroines to perform. British actor Danny Sapani played the antagonist in the movie, while Mukesh Rushi, Mansoor Ali Khan and others played the local baddies.

Comedians, Villains' Performances

Santhanam tried to tickle the funny bones of audiences in his own style. Surprisingly, versatile artist Prakash Raj, who played the villain in the earlier version, did not find place in this movie. Other artists like Nizhalgal Ravi, Thalaivasal Vijay, Nazar, Vijayakumar, Manorama, Sumitra and others did justice to their respective roles.

Technical Values In Yamudu 2

Camera work in this film is normal. However, the cinematographer's talent could be noted while canning the songs. The highlight of the film is music by Devi Sri Prasad. Not only he has given melodious tunes, but also a fantastic re-recording all through the film.

Dragging Narration In Yamudu 2

Editing is okay in the first half, but when it comes to the second half, the editor's scissors has ossified and failed to cut the lengthy and boring scenes in many parts. As a result, the run time of the film has become too long. Even during the climax too, some of the scenes appeared to be boring and the audiences are seen moving restlessly in their seats as to when the film would come to an end.

Hari Shows His Trademark Direction Again

The screenplay of the film in the second half is unbearable at times, and most of the film has the Tamil scent with the loud shouts of the hero. Hari has shown his trademark direction in this film once again. We have to pat him on the back for upholding the image of the hero by extracting the emotions at the needed level. Though the dialogues are good in parts, the one liners penned for the film have good punch and the dialogues are delivered with necessary emotion at right level by Surya.

Final Remarks

The earlier version of the film is good with lots of mind games and one-up-manship by the hero and villain made the film enjoyable. But the sequel missed such mind games and it always appears only on one side and though there are three villains in the film, no one could beat the hero and not even attempt for it. Watch the film for Surya's performance. No doubt the film would be enjoyable by the B, C centre audiences for the action scenes.

Singam - Yamudu 2 Cast And Crew

Producer: S Laxman, Kumar
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Hari
Cast: Surya, Anushka Shetty, Hansika Motwani, Vivek, Santhanam, Danny Sapani, Radha Ravi, Nazar, Vijayakumar, Rahman, Mukesh Rishi, Mansoor Ali Khan, Nizhalgal Ravi, Thalaivasal Vijay, Srinivasan, Manorama, Sumithra, Janaki Sabesh, Anjali (SA) and others.
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography: Priyan
Action: Rakhee Rajesh and Anal Arasu
Art: K Kathir
Release Date: July 05, 2013

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