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Welcome Obama - Movie Review

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Singeetham Srinivasa Rao is well-known critically-acclaimed director, who has won several Nandi and National awards for his works in the past. The title of his latest directorial venture - Welcome Obama and a few foreign characters featured in its promos have created lot of curiosity of the film goers. The movie, which has hit the screens today, is a unique attempt in Tollywood and a good family entertainer. But its dragging narration may not go well with the mass audience.

Welcome Obama is a family drama with a least amount of commercial elements. Singeetham Srinivasa Rao's unique script, interesting screenplay, dialogues and soothing music, lead actors' performances, Dharshan's cinematography and Varma's art direction are the highlights of the movie. But the slow-paced narration is the biggest drawback, which almost kills the interest of viewers.

The director has chosen brand new theme, which has not been brought to the screens so far in Tollywood. Set in the backdrop of the banks of Godavari river, the film revolves around the concept of surrogacy. Singeetham have weaved a beautiful story, but he has forgotten the masala elements like comedy. There is a comedy track, but that also fails to evoke laughter. The movie runs on a slow pace, which bores the audience.

Continue to read the story and Welcome Obama movie review.

Welcome Obama Story

Lucy is an American mother, who wants a perfect boy. She seeks help from Indian mother Yashoda (Urmila), but a situation leads her to discard her son even before his birth. Yashoda delivers a healthy boy named Krishna, who is fondly called Obama. After knowing about the boy, Lucy comes to India to take him. However, Yashoda, who has developed a strong bonding with him, declines to send him with her. Lucy manages to acquire him legally. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Urmila's Performance In WO

Urmila has a good scope to display her acting skills in Welcome Obama and she has given a brilliant performance in the movie. As a surrogate mother, her acting is very convincing and she will impress the family audience in sentimental scenes.

Title Role In WO

Singeetham has tried his best to tap out good acting from the boy, who acted as Krisha/Obama. This French boy, who does not even know English, has given a decent performance in Welcome Obama.

Rachel-Sanjeev's Acting In WO

Rachel, who recently appeared in Potugadu, has also delivered a decent performance. As Yashoda's brother, Sanjeev will also impress you. Niranjani, RJ Shekar Basha and Ananth Sriram have done justice to their respective roles.

Technical Stuff In WO

Considering its shoe string budget, Welcome Obama has good production values. Singeetham's music and lyrics are the main attractions in the technical front. His soothing music comes as a relief to the audience in dragging moments. SS Darshan has done brilliant job in capturing the beauty of Godavari. But editing and CG works are average and should have been better.

Welcome Obama Verdict

Overall, Welcome Obama is a unique attempt, novel story, good performances and soothing music, but it suffers from the absence of entertainment quotient. It will impress the family audiences.

WO Cast And Crew

Producer: S Bharati Krishna
Director: Singeetham Srinivasa Rao
Cast: Rachel, Sanjeev, Urmila, Niranjani, RJ Shekar Basha and Ananth Sriram
Music: Singeetham Srinivasa Rao
Cinematography: SS Darshan
Release date: September 20, 2013

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