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Akhil Movie Review: Absurdity Of All New Level

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Akhil Akkineni's much awaited debut film Akhil, directed by V  V Vinayak and produced by Nithiinis finally in the theaters next to you. Read the review to know how did the young Akkineni scion scored with his first attempt. 


Akhil Story: 

Akhil revolves around the back story of JUA, which is considered by the tribes of Africa as a sacred entity that saves the world from destruction. Akhil (Akhil Akkineni) and his love Divya (Sayesha Saigal) were like any of us. But how did a normal guy like Akhil fall in the pursuit of JUA and what role does Divya play? Does Akhil hold a connect with the whole concept of JUA? Uou got to untie the threads along with the highly stuffed commercial elements in theaters. 


Akhil Akkineni gets a unanimous thumbs up from us for his screen presence, strong voice, dances and fights. He danced like a dream and is of course gifted with the looks of Akkinenis. But his comedy timing, dialogue delivery and the acting in emotional scenes needs to be taken care of. Sayesha Saigal, another debutante, not only looked gorgeous but has also proved her mettle in the limited scope she was given. Brahmanandam, Vennela Kishore, Saptagiri were as usual and the other seasoned actors like Rajendra Prasad, Mahesh Manjrekar, Jayaprakash Reddy were brilliant.   

Technical Aspects & Analysis:

We can say Akhil has gone wrong at various levels as the storyline by Veligonda Srinivas itself is very risky. The lavishness is visible in the cinematography, sets, locations and action sequences. However, all this seems unimpressive in the tale that is rather boring and outdated in today's times and tedious to watch. The songs barely had a purpose. After a point you end up wondering how the so-called star director like V V Vinayak can be so silly and still impress the stars in the industry with his absurdity. If the film fails to impress audience, it is Vinayak who needs take the complete blame as one can see a clear failure of execution. Akhil is nothing but taking audience for a royal ride and underestimating their knowledge. Painfully rhyming one-liners by Kona Venkat and cliched histrionics of comedians were awful. The scene where Akhil chases a panther and the climax makes you want to tear the screen apart. Graphics, we fall short of words.


Akhil was the only saving grace of this otherwise third degree torture. He is spontaneous, energetic and futuristic star. He carries the entire film on his shoulders and entertains the audience in his sphere of role. Can give it a watch for the Akkineni scion.


Akkineni Nagarjuna makes a special entry in the last song, Akkineni Akkineni and he takes away all the attention with his natural ease and star presence.

Audience Response

This viewer, who also caught with the early shows of Akhil, has put the experience of watching this silly film, in a line.

Audience Review

Touted to be the padding elements for Akhil, ended up being the disastrous aspects of the film and Akhil raised above all of it and scored some brownie points.


This viewer thinks that the film is a total crap expect for the few elements and he wonders what has got in to director V V Vinayak.

Fans Talk

Nevertheless, it seems to be a feast for Akkineni fans and a fanboy tweeted how he liked the film, that is a package of all commercial elements.


Akhil has got unanimous positive feedback from the viewers. Well! Isn't that whole purpose of the film, which is launching a star kid?

Positive Sides

This viewer brings out you the positive aspects of the film.


This viewer thinks comedy is kind of odd. Few of the double entendre one liners came as a shocker.


Do let us know your take on the film by leaving your comments below in the comment box, after catching up the show.

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