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Ganga Movie Review: Raghava Lawrence, Tapsee, Nithya Menen

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After a series of Postponements, Ganga has finally hit screens, almost on a perfect date. Its super hit talk in Tamilnadu has fetched in much needed craze around the film and let us sees how far it has succeeded to impress the people in Telugu land.

Ganga Story

Ganga being the third installment of super hit Muni series, the plot is pretty predictable. Hence the narrative style of the film and screenplays takes the pedestal.

Raghava Lawrence and Tapsee work in a TV Channel and as part of their job, one day they are forced to enter a haunted house (unintentionally). But they return after witnessing a horror unfold in front of their eyes.

Needless to say, after a few days they discover that both Raghava Lawrence and Taapsee are possessed by different spirits seeking vengeance. Who are those ghosts and what do they want forms the crux of the story.


Tapsee is quite a revelation in the movie and her longing to prove her mettle come to an end. Though Nithya Menen has a lesser screen time, she surely creates an impact with her short lived role. Kovai Sarala has managed to share few laughs with her unusual timing.

And Of course, it's a show reel of Raghava Lawrence literally. His variations in each role make your eyes popped out and jaws drops.

Comedy plays an important part in the film and hence all the comedians have been given enough screen space which has been utilized well.


Besides those heart-stopping horror moments, Ganga is also technically rich movie. In fact the music has completed a lot increasing the fear factor in the movie. Raghava Lawrence seems to have taken extra care on the VFX to avoid the criticism Muni and Kanchana has faced.

He was more than perfect in narrating a rib-tickling horror comedy but the screen play in the second half falls flat to the disappointment of audience.

Cinematography by Rajavel Olhiveeran is precise and has done justice to the horror genre. Editing is crisp especially in the first half but given the length of the movie, one might feel a few more portions could've faced the virtual scissors.


Ganga is of course a perfect film for the masses during the long weekend and it is sure to spin collections at the box office. But it could've been better in the second half if Lawrence can come out of few obsessions. Don't miss to catch on theatres to enjoy the thrill of Horror comedies.

More About Ganga

Finally, after a lot of suspense about the release, Raghava Lawrence's 'Ganga' has released . Runtime is 168 minutes.

More About Ganga

The titles starts with a background score, which has become quite popular with Kanchana.

More About Ganga

A spin chilling horror sequence right yet the start makes the audience go crazy.

More About Ganga

Raghava Lawrence will be introduced as a guy, who is afraid of ghosts, just like in the previous films.

More About Ganga

Though Nithya is just there for few minutes she is there on your mind even after you leave the theatres.

More About Ganga

Lawrence 6 different avatars make you look in awe. He is splendid in convincing the audience with his all new avatars.

More About Ganga

Climax comes as a shocker and it stands out in the film. Makes Ganga a must watch.

More About Ganga

Tapsee has finally got a meaty role to play and she has proved her acting prowess in the film in a rare to get character.

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