Kanche Movie Review: A Lovable Journey To World War ll

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Versatile storyteller Krish is back with another interesting line Kanche, which promises to take us back to the scene of World War ll. Read the review to know how the journey was.

Kanche Story:

The story was set up in the backdrop of 1930's and 40's and it tracks us back to the Indian scene before independence. We get to meet Dhupati Hari Babu (Varun Tej), a calm and composed lower middle class guy, who is studying to make livelihood. But underneath the soft side he carries angst towards the flaws in the society and how some people are building the fences between people for their own benefits.

Seeta Devi (Pragya Jaiswal), the princely girly in the same village, falls in love with Hari Babu. How did the social norms, cruel and crooked mind sets harm their right to live? What made Hari Babu to turn a soldier? Did he win his love? Did he win the war? Did the Kanche (Fence) between people and countries break? You got to watch the film to untie the locks.


Though Varun did not make any impression with his debut film Mukunda, he got to prove his mettle in Kanche. He excelled as Dhupati Hari Babu and was successful in making us involve in his story. Pragya Jaiswal though appeared out of the place because of her 'not-so-retro' look, she has emoted the scenes brilliantly. The unusual casting like Gollapudi, Singeetam Srnivasa Rao and Srinivas Avasarala was justified with the kind of eccentricity they have added to the film.

Technical Aspects & Analysis:

Considering its budget constraints, the war episodes were visually great and we could see a lot of planning went in to it. Director Krish's interest for detailing helped a lot for the film to generate the entire mood and setting of the story, which is happening during the World War ll.

Cinematography by Gnansekhar, Music by Chirantanbhatt stands out while the production values were top notch. Director Krish maintained the finest taste of storytelling with Kanche as well. How he has written each scene touching the human lives of today is something to be really lauded.

The blend of love story that is happening in a village in India and the World War ll is more than perfect. However, some of the dialogues from Sai Madhav Burra sounded clichéd and forcible. Though the film is slow in narrative, it is worth travelling through.


Reiterating the point that Krish has taken Tollywood a step higher with his meaningful films, his Kanche is another movie from him that touches the lives and makes us wonder if we have really grown as a society from the past 70 years.

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