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      Vishal's Maga Maharaju Movie Review


      Vishal's last release, Pooja has given him a moderate success, relieving from the string of flops. But still, Vishal is longing for a super hit film like Pandem Kodi to regain his lost glory in the Telugu market. While he has set his hopes high On Maga Maharaju, let us review the film to know if it has brought any luck to Vishal.

      Maga Maharaju Story: Vishal played a cop in the film. As the story unfolds, he and his two brothers were sent to a village to woo Hansika, Madhurima and Madhu Latha by their father Prabhu. Vishal is the son of Prabhu's estranged wife, played by Thulasi.

      Prabhu has a long-standing enmity with his three sisters played by Ramya Krishnan, Kiran Rathod and Aishwarya, who detest the very sight of him for killing their father. The three female leads happen to be the daughters of these three sisters.

      Vishal and Hansika know each other way before they meet in the village and he was already in love with her. How Vishal succeeds in his love life and unites his father, Prabhu, with his three sisters forms the plot.

      The age old drama gets to predictable when the flash back starts to unfold. The director has tried to add every possible garnish to this rotten drama, which of course did not work in his favor.

      Performances: The huge star cast played a spoil sport. The screen space of every actor has been compromised and the performances failed to create any impact on the messy screen.

      However, all the actors have put in their best efforts and delivered some smiles. Santhanam once again steals the show with his comedy timing. Vishal proves his mettle in comedy and Hansika succeeded in adding the oomph factor to the film.

      Technical aspects: Director Sundar C appeared to be in a hurry to make some film with Vishal, just to compensate for the unreleased film of their combination, Nataraja Thaney Raja. The film tries to be an action entertainer, a romantic love story, a family drama, a political satire, a comedy entertainer and many more. With no particular genre to it, director has traveled on number of boats and ended up sinking in the sea.

      The new bee on the block, Hip-hop Tamizha, impressed the music lovers with his catchy tunes. Instead of spending much on the publicity, Vishal should have taken enough care on the script as a producer. All the other departments has done their part well and helped the audience to sit in the theatres throughout the film.

      Overview: Like too many cooks spoil the dish, too many unwanted ingredients can also spoil the dish. For everyone, who wants to have an example for this, go watch the film Maga Maharaju.

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