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Nikhil's Surya Vs Surya Movie Review

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After scoring two back-to-back hits with Swamy Ra Ra and Karthikeya, Nikhil has come up with yet another different film, Surya VS Surya. He has set his hopes high to bag a hat-rick with the film. Well! To know if he has hit it right or not? Lets quickly re-view the film.

Story: Surya(Nikhil) suffers from a rare genetic disorder, Porphyria. He cannot face sun directly as it effects his hemoglobin and thus causes death. However, that doesn't stop him from falling in love with a TV anchor named Sanjana (Tridha Chowdary).

But to win his love, he got to challenge his rare disorder. How he overcomes the disease to get his lady's love form the story

Perfomances: Nikhil has shed some kilos for his teenage role and looked more young and energetic in the film. He has surely achieved some maturity in his acting in the emotional scenes. Though he did not have much to showcase his skill, he was good on his part. Tridha Chowdary failed to create any impact.

Tanikella Bharani has got a different role in the film as a friend to Nikhil and he was brilliant. Satya managed to share some laughs and Madhoo did her part well as a mother to Nikhil. Scenes between Madhoo and Nikhil came out really well.

Technical Aspects: Director Karthik Gattamaneni, who was earlier worked as a cinematographer for Karthikeya, concentrated more on the lights, camera angels and mood of the film. It definitely helped the film in setting a flavor. But he failed to carry the film forward with enough entertainment and content in the second part of the film.

While he managed to make entertaining first half, he went wane in maintaining the pace. Poor love track and bad choice of heroine affected the film, especially, because it was promoted as a love story. All the other departments were moderate.

Overview: As said and done, it is a different story, but lacks pace and clarity. Give it a watch to know where Surya Vs Surya went wrong.

More About Surya Vs Surya

Nikhil has been coming out with a fresh subject every time and is being a bankable hero these days. Surya Vs Surya is also a promising film.

More About Surya Vs Surya

Nikhil plays a 19 year old guy in the film Surya Vs Surya

More About Surya Vs Surya

Satya, Tanikella Bharani, Madhoo has got good roles to play in the film, especially Tanikella Bharani was outstanding in his new avatar.

More About Surya Vs Surya

Nikhil's Character is of a guy, who suffers from Porphyria, exposure to sunlight causes death.

More About Surya Vs Surya

Tridha Chowdary failed to impress with her debut film.

More About Surya Vs Surya

Karthik Ghattamaneni, cinematographer turned director, falls flat in dealing the second half of the film.

More About Surya Vs Surya

Malkapuram Sivakumar produced the film under the Surakh Entertainment's Private Limited banner.

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