ABCD Movie Review: This Allu Sirish Starrer Makes For A Decent Watch

    Star Cast: Allu Sirish, Rukshar Dhillon, Naga Babu
    Director: Sanjeev Reddy

    Allu Sirish is one such actor with the backing of a great production house and a star hero inside the house, yet finding it hard to make it big in the celluloid world. Will his latest outing, ABCD (American Born Confused Desi) provide him the much-needed respite?



    Avi, a millionaire's son, is a pampered kid who leads a lavish life in the US where he goes on to spend a whopping $20K per month. His concerned father decides to teach him a life lesson and thus, sends him to India by cutting his luxuries. Avi, is made to join a certain MBA college in Hyderabad and is introduced to the hardships of life.

    Just like any other routine story, there is a love interest and an antagonist in the picture. Avi stumbles upon Neha (Rukhsar Dhillon) and both develop good chemistry, which translates to love. Avi, on a parallel track, encounters a local politician and locks horns with him for a reason.

    What is the reason? Would he be successful against the politician? (Of course, he would be).


    Mella Mellaga Song

    Songs & BGM

    Fun & Entertainment at Places


    Routine Story

    Predictable Screenplay

    Mundane First-half


    Allu Sirish is at his usual level where he is neither too bland nor too impressive with his homework and output. He has a varied characterization of an NRI where he had ample scope to change his body language, diction, etc, but chooses to stay the same Allu Sirish. However, the redeeming feature is that his character does not demand him to be superficial with heavy-duty acting and dialogue.

    Rukshar is pretty and does a decent job in the typical and limited character. Nagababu, Subhalekha are adequate while Vennela Kishore scores well in his confined role. The rest of the casting does not engage the audience much with their presence.

    Technical Aspects

    Sanjeev Reddy's challenge would have been to engage the audience from the word go, as the movie does not come with a formidable plot. When you have an age-old storyline, your screenwriting should be intriguing but is not the case completely here. However, Sanjeev is quite successful in churning out fun elements at places; he has failed to continue the tempo throughout.

    Music by Judah Sandhy is the major highlight of the movie and Mella Mellaga is the best of the lot. Not only is the audio impressive, even the visuals are captivating. Cinematography is decent and so is the editing.

    Final Verdict

    ABCD is decent at parts, which takes off slow, gets better during the interval and closes with a neat finish. ABCD is more like a pickle in a traditional meal, which can be classified more as a luxury than the necessity.

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