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Dear Comrade Movie Review: Vijay Deverakonda Starrer Tries To Unearth The Braveness In You!

Star Cast: Vijay Deverakonda, Rashmika Mandanna, Sruthi Ramachandran, Suhas, Charu Hassan
Director: Bharat Kamma

It would be fair to expect a perfect romantic tale from Dear Comrade. With the soulful songs and lovely promos of the movie giving similar vibes, the expectations for such a movie would have soared to new heights. Interestingly, what Dear Comrade imparts is an experience that is quite more than what a normal romantic tale offers. Read Dear Comrade review to know further about this.

Dear Comrade Movie Review: Vijay Deverakonda Starrer Tries To Unearth The Braveness In You!


The core plot of Dear Comrade surrounds a youngster fondly called Bobby, who heads the Students Union of a college in Kakinada. He meets a girl named Aparna Devi aka Lilly, who is a close relative of his neighbhour's. They fall in love and the movie takes us through their relationship, dream and the fight for what they love.

Screenplay & Direction

Bharat Kamma has got a few interesting characters to play around. Bobby has shades of Arjun Reddy as far as temperament issues are considered and that facet does play an important role as the movie progresses. His character development is inconsistent at parts but the incoherency is what that attracts the most. On the other hand, Lilly's role has a more definitive character arc, which gets a clear view as the story progresses.

The romantic episodes are pure bliss and the sequences make the first half of the film an endearing one. Whenever the writer in him fails with cliched moments, the director in him comes up to complement it by capturing a proactive view of the sequence. For an instance, the sequences where Bobby confesses his love for Lilly might look bland on paper but they have been executed in a fresh manner by the director.

Similar is the case of sequences that show the impulsiveness of Bobby. The director allows his hero to be beaten and defeated at times, which is quite unlike a Telugu movie. He gives the leading lady equal space to compete with the hero. But Bharat Kamma delays the core plot of the movie to the second half, which hampers the extremely good prospects somewhere. It is a reassuring plot that is worthy of keeping everyone glued and a strong message to convey but it would have been better if he had given these sequences more weightage.

Lilly's passion towards cricket could have been given more importance in the first half. Similarly, the transition in the interest as well as the character shades of Bobby, especially in the post-interval sequences could have been lot more convincing. As a result, the second half looks too crowded with the director conveying to address a whole lot of issues within a strict run time.


Vijay Deverakonda breaths the character and he brings in a different dimension to Bobby. He adds intensity by remaining so subtle. Watchout for the interrogation as well as the enquiry sequences wherein he is so subtle yet impactful. Rashmika Mandanna is so very convincing as Aparna Devi. She handles the character like a pro, as the dimensions of the character are poles apart in the two different halves. Shruthi Ramachandran gets to play a good role. Charu Haasan too essays an important role that has some very crucial dialogues to mouth. Bobby's friends are left alone after a point, which is quite disappointing. The guy who played the Chairman of selection commission is also good.

Other Aspects

Justin Prabhakar's contribution to the film is priceless. He lifts those emotional and thumping sequences with stunning BGMs. The interval and the return of the comrade sequences are examples of that. Cinematography is pretty good. Editing is fine even though there were a lot of uneven portions in the second half of the film.


Vijay Deverakonda & Rashmika Mandanna's Performances

Interesting First Half

The Strong Message That It Conveys

Justin Prabhakar's Music & BGM


The Crowded Second Half

Some Portions That Turned Too Dramatic


Dear Comrade may not be convincing throughout the run time. It has ups, downs and unconvincing deviations. Nevertheless, by the time final title cards roll down, Bharat Kamma comes out successfull in conveying what he had to say - 'Fight For What You Love'

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