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      Rakshasudu Movie Review: A Stunning Thriller That Hardly Allows You To Breathe A Sigh Of Relief!

      Star Cast: Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas, Anupama Parameswaran, Nan Saravanan, Vinod Sagar, Rajiv Kanakala
      Director: Ramesh Varma

      There has been a huge onus on Rakshasudu as it has to live up to the credibility of its original, which as a film, was a class-apart. It was not just about placing the story in a different milieu but team Rakshasudu also had the added responsibility of taking the thriller genre in Tollywood to another level. Has Rakshasudu met those expectations? Read our take on the film to get an answer.

      Rakshasudu Movie Review: A Stunning Thriller That Hardly Allows You To Breath A Sigh Of Relief!


      The core plot of Rakshasudu revolves around a police officer Arjun Kumar, who is also an aspiring filmmaker. He tries to unearth the mystery surrounding a series of incidents that happen in his city with the help of the research that he had done for penning a film's script.

      Script & Direction

      A neatly-layered and well-constructed script forms the backbone of Rakshasudu. It addresses everything without many loopholes. At times, the script also teases us with the unpredictability in the events that unfold. The emotional elements that the script has, add to the intensity of the movie. We root for the characters completely and Ramesh Varma, the director, has handled these sequences with care by keeping the audience's attention completely in the game.

      The filmmaker doesn't take much time to establish the characters. However, it needs to be said that the romantic portions could have been reduced. He doesn't leave everything to the second half as the first half itself has a fair share of thrilling moments to offer. From the filmmaker's point of view, the most important challenge would have been to keep the audiences hooked despite the suspense factor getting revealed mid-way. The director wins hands down in this particular task with his making style, which hardly allows the audiences to breathe a sigh of relief. Spine-chilling moments are aplenty, especially in the second half, which defines the word thriller to perfection.


      Bellamkonda Sreenivas comes up with a reliable performance as a pretty normal cop, who is trying hard to tackle issues that once affected his family as well. He is good with his body language but his dialogue delivery, does fall flat, at times. Anupama Parameswaran is decent in a role, which gets its importance as the movie progresses. Rajeev Kanakala's performance does help in lifting the emotional quotient of the movie. Vinodhini, Suzan George, Saravanan and Vinod Sagar are also a part of this well-picked star cast.

      Other Aspects

      Ghibran is astonishing with the BGM works, which are so crucial for the movie. The stunning BGM elevates the spine-chilling moments to a new level and the music director has once again proved how important BGM is for such thrillers. The editing is neat and slick, especially in the second half. Cinematography is also pretty solid.


      Amazing Screenplay

      Ramesh Varma's Packaging

      Stunning BGM

      Climax Portions


      Romantic Portions Could Have Been Shorter


      Rakshasudu is a complete winner that has lived up to the expectations placed on it. It offers an edge-of-the-seat experience never seen before in Telugu cinema.

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