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      Godfather Review: Chiranjeevi's Remake Is Quite Different From Lucifer

      Star Cast: Chiranjeevi, Nayanthara, Satyadev Kancharana, Puri Jagannadh, Salman Khan
      Director: Mohan Raja

      The Megastar and Salman Khan combination had created enough anticipation for Chiranjeevi's Godfather, a remake of the popular Malayalam film Lucifer, which was directed by Prithviraj Sukumaran and starred Mohanlal, Tovino Thomas, and others.


      Godfather released today, on October 5. The film is bolder in terms of the action, and the making itself. Visually the film maker has gone with a brighter color palette, compared to the dark tone of Lucifer.

      In addition to others, the movie features Chiranjeevi, Nayanthara, Satyadev Kancharana, Puri Jagannadh, and Salman Khan. The screenplay was written by director, Mohan Raja. The dialogues were written by Lakshmi Bhupal. The film's music is composed by Thaman, the editor is Marthand Venkatesh, and Nirav Shah is the cinematographer.


      Story And Performances

      Satya is a stoic, honourable woman who believes in the values that her father, PKR, a respected politician, left with her. However, values mean nothing to her husband, who lures her into believing that he is a noble partner. He roots himself into his father-in-law's political party and covets the Chief Minister seat that remains with PKR. He kills him off and clears the air around him, to get ready to take the CM seat for himself.

      There is a catch though, as Brahma, PKR's son, and Satya's half-brother, cares immensely for his sister, although she only has hatred and vengeance for him. A flashback explains that her mom's death is a result of an argument between her mom and dad, about Brahma. Although an accident, she remembers that her mom did not want Brahma in her house, and she inherits the spite in her.

      Jaya Dev, Satya's husband, with the help of a senior party member, Varma, tries to put Brahma out of the picture. However, Brahma enjoys a lot of respect and reverence from many party members. He is revealed to have supported PKR a lot during his rule and has influence that Jaya Dev didn't know about.

      Jaya Dev also betrays Satya in multiple she never could have imagined. The story focuses on how Brahma safeguards his sister despite her not trusting him, and not suspecting Jaya Dev.

      Chiranjeevi, as always, looks convincing as a leader figure, with his mature and kind appearance, that manages to intimidate the bad guys when needed.
      Nayanthara plays Satya and has done a great job portraying an honest yet naive woman, who has nothing but sincerity in her heart. Satyadev Kancharana, plays a vile and materialistic individual who lacks the capacity to love anyone but himself.

      Masoom Bhai, played by Salman Khan makes surprise entrances and brings cheers to the theatre. Puri Jagannadh also made cameo appearances in the film and got applause during his scenes.

      What Worked And What Didn't

      Chiranjeevi's screen presence and Nayanthara's elegance are the major positives of the film. The two actors carry a swag that is unmatchable. The film doesn't try to go with any unnecessary additions to the story that would have distracted the narrative.

      Although there are no major drawbacks to the film, it doesn't have much to offer. The action sequences look regular, the story is predictable, and the characters seem quite familiar as well.


      The film skillfully avoids moments that might annoy people and sticks to its narrative. It would not hurt to watch the film, for Chiranjeevi or Nayanthara, if it manages to pull you to the theatres. However, you wouldn't miss much if you skipped it.

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