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Bollywood Celebrities Cat Fights On Twitter

Celebrities and cat fights go hand in hand. Most of the celebrities are indulged in cat fights with their contemporaries in the industry. While most of the celebrities do not talk about cat fights openly or directly, there are some celebs who have got into cat fights on the social networking platform.

Imagine cat fights happening on Facebook or Twitter? Isn't it entertaining as fans can openly see what argument is going on, how the celebs are abusing each other. In short you get to see the other rather aggressive side of the celebrities.

Sometimes celebrities might get unlucky and end up indulging in a cat fight on a social networking site. There are many Bollywood celebrities who have got into cat fights on social networking sites. The worst part is, most of the cat fights are held on the noisy Twitter. For example, Kamaal R Khan is one of the wannabe celebrities who is very active on Twitter and loves commenting on any trending celebrity. Be it Sunny Leone or Anushka Sharma, KRK has not spared most of the celebrities.

While most of them have ignored the irritating comments of KRK, some reacted when it reached saturation point. Apart from KRK, some celebrities have also got into cat fights with their fans or Twitter users! For example, Sonam Kapoor indulged into a fight on Twitter when her celebrity dad Anil Kapoor tweeted, "Celeb kids have to struggle more than us. She has done de-glamorised roles in films like Mausam and others but people forget that and talk about her fashion" A user replied "Cos they generally have no talent." and Sonam got angry over the reply so she replied, "F**k off!"

So, a lot of times, celebrities have taken a dig into things and indulged in unwanted cat fights. Here are some of the cat fights of celebrities that happened on Twitter.

Celebrities Cat Fights On Twitter:

Bollywood Celebrities Cat Fights On Twitter

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