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Things We Can't Try From Bollywood Rain Songs

The onset of rain makes us change our songs playlist. Bollywood movies have added much required sensuality to rain songs, and made the season all the more romantic and lovable. We get to see everything in rain songs;, magic, romance, intensity, drama or poetry.

However, there are some typical things that we find in these filmy style Bollywood rain songs. For example, whenever we watch some romantic rain songs, we tend to start imagining things that just changes our mood. From rain dance to sensuous romance, you get to see many things happening in Bollywood rain songs.


But these are typical things which just makes us start dreaming and come back to reality heartbroken. For example, if you have seen the rain scene in the movie, Tumsa Nahi Dekha, you will for a second wish the same thing to happen toyou. In the rain scene, Dia Mirza is waiting for a bus in the bus stand and suddenly Emraan Hashmi comes from nowhere in the rain and kisses Dia (who is a gorgeous stranger at that moment). Well, if something like this happens in real life, then God save the man!

Similarly, seeing couple dancing and romancing on the roof of the terrace in rain is something we all want. But in real life, these are just myths that get busted! Here is a look at things from Bollywood songs we can't try in rain.

Things We Can't Try From Bollywood Rain Songs:

Things We Can't Try From Bollywood Rain Songs

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