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15 Weird Pics Of Bollywood Actors That Would Make You Say WTF! No 12 Is Insane...

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The 80s and the 90s era of Bollywood, had the most strangest and weirdest things that can make you cringe and laugh out loud, today. Back then, maybe these styles would have been in tune with the generation, and therefore, were acceptable. But now they look like the most funniest thing on the internet.

We have 15 such weird and strange pictures of Bollywood actors, that could make you fall off your chair, with laughter!

Weird Strange Bollywood Pics

Who can forget Anil Kapoor and Akshay Kumar's hairy chest back in the 90s. For the actors, it was normal and cool back then, but now looking at the same pictures today, can evoke laughter without a cause.

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Karishma Kapoor and Rekha's hairstyles were over-the-top during the 90s. There is just no logical sense for their hairdo, but the actresses flaunted them with so much ease. If the same hairstyle were done in today's time, we're sure their career would have come to a screeching halt.

Not just that, the actresses, would have had to face the wrath of the online trolls going viral on the internet. How times have changed in a matter of two decades, just amazing.

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During the 80s & 90s, celebs got away from scrutiny, as there was absolutely no such thing as a 'fashion police' back then. Anything that the actors did or wore, did not come under the scanner. However, the same actors are being laughed at now, for their ridiculous outfits and hairstyles.

No matter how much we laugh about it, the 80s & the 90s were one of the best times in Bollywood and had a lot of talented young actors coming up in the country. Looking back at the time, those were surely the good old days.

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