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Ferrari Ki Sawaari

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15 Jun 2012


Ferrari Ki Sawaari movie is a heartwarming story of common men with big dreams and how one night changes their lives forever. It's a tale of small boy and his ...
  • rohitaas-beri 4 years ago

    this film will be of sachin tendulkar.i am sure.I saw it in a will be a film based on a car ferraari.

  • aamir-khan 4 years ago

    mary bagair film flop hii hogi idiots

  • kush-dewan 5 years ago

    my dream is to one time i want to meet shahrukh khan any body says me shahukh khan tumhe kaise lagtein hai then i say i really say them that he is my brother i want him to roll a very very very very good dialoues that any film that comes doesnt break his record as he is my fannn i like him till i was very small

  • usman 5 years ago

    Nice ,,,,,,,,,,

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