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Housefull (U/A)

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30 Apr 2010


Housefull is a romantic comedy entertainer which narrates the story of Aarush – the world’s unluckiest man. Being jinxed he believes his bad luck ...
  • muzammil 3 years ago

    in this movie 1st half is boring but 2nd half is excellent

  • akshay-kumar 4 years ago

    Make movies like darna zarrori hai or darna mana hai please come on

  • deepesh 4 years ago

    my name is khan is better than this film

  • apples 4 years ago

    need to make more movies like darna mana hai or darna zaroori hai types of films.i lived the stop and move story.What story did you like the most of both of the films?

  • man 4 years ago

    what product prevents car collisions at intersections without requiring every car to stop at every intersection?

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