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King Of Bollywood

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24 Sep 2004
King Of Bollywood is comedy drama about Karan Kumar (KK) who is a 51-year-old erstwhile ''No. 1 Star of Bollywood'', who was once called ''King of Bollywood'', a nickname that has stuck with him. And has led him to having grandiose notions about himself.

But KK is now nothing more than a shadow of his former self. He is a faded, but a likable hammy actor, who is past his ''sell-by'' date. KK ruled the Bollywood roost at a time when stars cultivated larger than life enigmatic personas.

KK has a giant sized ego and believes that he is invincible. When his career starts sliding downwards, his first reaction to the situation is that of denial. When no offers come his way, he believes that it is because films have become too small to accommodate a great star like him. Even though deep down, he is wracked by self-doubt, and in his private unguarded moments he is sad and helpless.Contrary to all this, in public he is always a STAR
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