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Phoonk 2

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16 Apr 2010


Phoonk 2 movie is a sequel to Varma's 2008 hit film Phoonk. Phoonk 1 ends with the killing of Madhu, the woman who casts a black magic spell on Rajiv’s ...
  • gazala 4 years ago

    Ram Gopal Verma focuses on faces,dolls and the architechture of the buildings more than the main story. The movie is a complete waste of time and most of the scenes are like "khoda pahar..nikla chuha" type moments. Bulshit movie

  • smith 6 years ago

    yuk stupid film

  • soujanya 6 years ago

    wow! super movie. i just loved the movie. i was very afraid in some scenes. i think it was better than phoonk-1.

  • avishek 6 years ago

    such a boring storyline with a senseless ending.

  • honry 6 years ago

    sir its nice movie making some more nude scene in the horror movies

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