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Ramayana - The Epic

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15 Oct 2010


Ramayana: The Epic film is a retelling of the story of Lord Rama, from his birth until his battle with Ravan at Ayodhya....
  • manish 4 years ago

    what good visuals, just looks so real, never seen animation better than this. must watch , movie gives a pleasant mythological feel

  • ranjan 5 years ago

    goo effects entire movie i like this movie

  • srikant 5 years ago

    movie is really good, awesome stuff, but there are some problems in the modelling part (characters).Animation and the compositing part was good as well, in all the movie is rocking. The character i liked most was of Ravana, be it the animation or its compositing, it was a must watch. I really felt that the over all effects in the movie were the best part, then i liked the lighting and the compositing thing. People should go and watch this movie, as it is not just a movie, it is Ramayana The Epic.

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