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Is Varun Dhawan's Stardom Getting To His Head?

Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan is certainly a star now with the success of two back to back movies, however is Varun Dhawan's stardom getting to his head?

It has been reported that recently Varun Dhawan turned down one of his little fans who asked the actor to have a selfie with him.

Varun Dhawan was shooting for his upcoming film Badlapur at a public place where a huge crowd was gathered to see the shoot. Meanwhile, a little boy among the crowd walked to Varun asking for a selfie click with him but Varun apparently said no to the little fan.

Shocked with the rejection, the boy started crying and his parents tried to console the little fan of Varun but the kid was supposedly very heart-broken.

Parents of the boy then tried to talk to Varun but could not meet him. However, when Varun came to know about the boy's crying, the actor posed a selfie with the kid, but apparently just for the sake of it.

Meanwhile, one close aid of Varun defended Varun saying that Varun was wearing some make-up and so the actor did not want to get his look revealed. This is the reason Varun initially did not agree to have a selfie but later he had a selfie with the kid, Varun's aid added.

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