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  • prashant-dev 3 years ago

    u r amazing actor Ms. Anupam ji.

  • rzwan-malik 3 years ago

    Hello sir ! i'm from Pakistan you are best actor in India i'm biggest fan of your acting your acting is naturally and i like this i try my best that i searching your contact number or email adress but still i'm failed plz contact me my email adress is regarding Thank's

  • rizwan-malik 3 years ago

    Hello sir!from Pakistan i like u very much because your acting is very naturally and wow amazing i have no words to tell your ability you are best actor in Indian film Industry and Drama industry plz give the response my email adress is regarding Thank's

  • arun-kumar-yadav-sultanpur-up 4 years ago

    Anupam Shyam, I am your big fan, I saw you the first time in the film. I understand if you are living in Uttar Pradesh found out later you have to Pratapgarh. ARUN KUMAR YADAV, UP SULTANPUR

  • ajeet-kumar-singh 6 years ago

    Iam your childhood friend.we are enjoying your superb acting in serial PRATIGYA

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