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Girish Kasaravalli

1950 (Age 64)


Girish Kasaravalli (Kannada: ಗಿರೀಶ್ ಕಾಸರವಳ್ಳಿ) is a legendary movie director of international repute in Kannada. He is a well known name among the...
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  • raghu-verma 4 years ago

    sir really i tel truth i did not watch your movies also but i heard your name which contributed your entire life to upbringing and making recognizing kannada movies into interntaional film industry i have one idea to share with you that is another why you can make a movie THE LIFE HISTORY "MOTHER TERESA ".... GANDHI IS OUR FATHER OF NATION BUT SHE IS THE "MOTHER OF THE WORLD"...... I SUGGESTING ONE MORE THING ABOUT MOTHER TERESA ROLE CAN BE DONE BY ARUNDATI NAG ( WIFE OF SHANHAR NAG).... THIS MOVIE WIL ACCEPTED BY THE WHOLE WORLD... DUE TO THIS THIS WORLD WIL KNOW THE MEANING OF LOVE BETWEEN THE NATIONS... THROUGH THIS MOVIE THE WHOLE WORLD WIL BE PROPEROUS IN LOVE AND AFFECTION AND ALSO WE CAN STOP WARS AND PROTECT OUR BEAUTIFUL EARTH..

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