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Katrina Kaif

16 Jul 1983 (Age 32)


Katrina Kaif is a Indian Actress born in 16 July 1984 in Hong Kong. Katrina was born in Hong Kong to a Indian Kashmiri Father, Mohammed Kaif and English mother, Suzanne...
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  • Rajdip 4 days ago

    who say you that deepika is not front of katrina......

  • hersirn 4 months ago

    katrna i love u so much and i just want to here your voice please contact me 07064211219

  • johnson lisham 4 months ago

    Dear kaif, u hv to marry salman. He is too smart i mean in all round then that bull shit ranbir. JOHNSON LISHAM MANIPUR

  • lovehate 4 months ago

    Yup so eight and dp and salman made for each other they both cheated on so many still pretend as victim. Dp with upen, nihar, sid , yuvi, dhoni and so on, salman on sangeeta, somi, aish and so on....

  • Mahtab 4 months ago

    Mahtab Dear katrina kaif you a great actress it is my great pleasure if i meet u someday when it comes i say u that what i tell in my heart everyday One day but someday i wait that One day.

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